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Some amazing dashcam footage is circulating on social media. In the clip, a man drives his car out of his garage only to find himself in the middle of a strong tornado. The video is embedded below via Instagram and YouTube.

The clip starts with the driver reversing out of his garage and turning around onto the unpaved road. Immediately, a large tornado blasts the area, including the car. You can see large amounts of debris pelting the neighbor’s home and parked car until the tornado itself races across the screen. 

Rainy tornado storm shown through driver windshield close view
summerphotos via iStock

Incredibly, the driver attempts to turn back into his garage. The structure is promptly leveled by the tornado. The framed siding structure easily crumbles from the force. Rainwater streams down the windshield and blurs the view.

The video originally circulated almost a decade ago, but the dashcam date stamp is even older. It reflects the year 2012. News sources place the footage in rural Russia.

In the American “Tornado Alley,” there have already been dozens of tornados sweeping around several states in 2024. In late April, terribly strong tornadoes ripped through parts of Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas, killing several people.