Steven Spielberg’s $160 Million Yacht Can House 12 Guests

Celebrities are often known for having a lot of fancy boats and automobiles. Jay Leno, for example, has close to 200 cars (and counting) and even has a popular web series, Jay Leno’s Garage. Some celebrities prefer motorcycles or decked-out RVs. Tiger Woods even has a tricked-out golf cart

Then there are the celebrities who prefer the yacht life, including Steven Spielberg and tennis champ Rafael Nadal. If you want to buy a celebrity yacht and have the cash, you are in luck, as Steven Spielberg is selling his superyacht. 

Some high-profile celebrity yachts

Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg on a boat at the Venice Film Festival
Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg | Daniele Venturelli/WireImage via Getty Images

Spielberg is far from the only celebrity to have a fancy yacht. According to Boat International, Tom Brady owns a Wajer 55S, christened Viva a Vida, and has recently commissioned a larger yacht, the Wajer 77. The Piano Man, Billy Joel, is not only a yacht fanatic but also designs yachts. He previously owned an Inace explorer yacht which he converted to hold some of his motorcycles. He currently owns a commuter yacht, Vendetta, which is listed for sale with yacht broker Fraser. 

Before his death, Steve Jobs commissioned a 78-meter Feadship yacht that, while he never got to enjoy, is just what you would expect from the founder of Apple. Very high-tech (of course), Venus is also covered in glass and has a tender garage that houses a Pascoe tender. Meanwhile, Pink Floyd guitarist, David Gilmour, owns a houseboat christened Astoria, built in 1911 for Fred Karno, and it’s large enough that a 90-piece orchestra can play on the deck. Gilmour converted it into a recording studio, and Pink Floyd recorded parts of the band’s last three albums on board.  

Steven Spielberg’s aptly named yacht, Seven Seas

The legendary director’s superyacht, Seven Seas, was recently listed for sale with yacht brokers Edmiston and Merle Wood & Associates, according to Boat International. It was commissioned in 2010, and Spielberg has owned it for the last decade. The boat is 86.01 meters long, or 282 feet, and has room for up to 12 guests, with quarters for 23 crew members. It is listed for €131,000,000, which is just under $160 million. 

Seven Seas has quite a few amenities for its multi-million dollar price tag. It also has a massive swimming pool, gym, massage room, sauna, and steam room. Meanwhile, the owner’s suite has a private deck and a Jacuzzi. It also has a touch-and-go helipad, along with a variety of custom tenders. Additionally, it has a professional cinema, which is almost expected when considering the yacht’s owner. It even has a pirate protection unit. 

Where did Spielberg go with the Seven Seas?

So (obvious pun alert) did Seven Seas actually traverse the Seven Seas? Spielberg has taken his superyacht to several places in the last decade, including China, Sri Lanka, and Hawaii, during a 2013 30,000 mile world tour. It has also been spotted in Puerto Vallarta and France, and, like many superyachts, it flies under the Cayman Islands flag.

Owning a superyacht is the dream of many people, even if it only ever remains just a dream. Maybe a smaller yacht tender from a celebrity superyacht would be enough. However, if you are really a fan of Steven Spielberg, then you probably know, “you’re gonna need a bigger boat.” That is, at least if you are chasing a super shark. 

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