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They say that money can’t buy love, which is true. It can definitely buy some seriously sick motorcycles, though. Hot Cars has compiled a list of the 10 coolest motorcycles ridden by celebrities

Some of the bikes are new. Some are custom-made. And some are classics that look even better now than when they were first made.

Ozzy Osbourne owns a Hannan Custom LS300 Chopper

Ozzy Osbourne may be best known for his music, but he’s got great tastes in motorcycles as well. When he’s not putting on concerts or screaming for his wife Sharon, Osbourne can be found on his Hannan Custom LS300 Chopper. 

Rather than just purchasing any old bike, Osbourne had his custom-made by Counts Kustoms, which is located in Las Vegas. The bike even got his name proudly displayed for all the world to see on a cross. No matter where he goes, everyone knows that’s his motorcycle.

Ewan McGregor: Indian Larry Panhead Chopper

Ewan McGregor has quite the motorcycle collection. One of his most impressive bikes, however, is his Indian Larry Panhead Chopper. Its chrome body is gorgeous, and the details are perfection. The colors aren’t bright and in your face, but it’s more than deserving of a second look. Or three or four as he rides by.

McGregor is currently an ambassador for Moto Guzzi, but he owns bikes from several brands. Some of his most well-known motorcycles include a BMW R 11250 GS, a V7 Sport, a Honda Gold Wing, and a Ducati SuperSport.

Jay Leno’s 1939 Brough Superior

The major problem with Jay Leno is not trying to decide if he has a drool-worthy bike. It’s trying to decide which one. The talk show host is well known for his famous car collection, but he’s got quite an impressive motorcycle collection as well.

While there are many stunning bikes in his garage, his 1939 Brough Superior is one of the most incredible. In spite of the fact that it is 18 years shy of being one hundred years old, it is an extremely tough-looking bike that has withstood the test of time.

Jesse James: Cisco WCC Dominator

It’s hard to talk motorcycles without mentioning Jesse James. He’s the owner of West Coast Choppers, and knows a thing or two about building custom bikes. In fact, some of his bikes are driven by proud clients who love showing off his work.

James’ Dominator has one of the sickest paint jobs on this list, and stands out for all the right reasons. It was named after James’ pit bull which passed away, so it’s got some emotional ties along with looking totally insane.

The red, gold, and black color scheme and the attention to detail showcase James’s talent for customizing bikes. 

Hugh Jackman: Harley-Davidson 883 Roadster


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No list of cool motorcycles would be complete without at least one Harley-Davidson. The iconic motorcycle manufacturer has been making bikes since 1903.

Even though Harley-Davidson is currently having some trouble, no matter what happens going forward, its incredible bikes will always give everyone a thrill when they see them.

Especially when Hugh Jackman is riding one. He is the proud owner of an 883 Roadster that he rode to the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie premiere. Most bikes are considered either modern or retro, but Jackman’s 883 Roadster manages to look retro while still maintaining a modern feel that makes it a bike no one will ever forget.