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People who do well in life often reward themselves with the trappings of success: high-performance cars, motorcycles, and mansions are just a few examples. But when you are one of the most successful golfers of all time, you can afford to go all-in for luxury. We’re talking about Tiger Woods, who has treated himself to the ultimate prize: an opulent 155-foot yacht called Privacy.

This superyacht is Woods’ floating refuge when he competes at tournaments that happen to be near navigable waters. In the past, he’s docked near the PGA Championship at Bethpage on the North Shore of Long Island, New York. He also parked the Privacy close to the U.S. Open near Montauk further out on Long Island.

A huge hideaway docked in plain sight

In 2004 Woods bought this enormous, amazing-looking boat from Christensen Shipyards for $20 million. It costs about $2 million annually to operate after fuel costs, crew salaries and other expenses.

To get a sense of just how big this boat is, consider that it weighs 500 tons, has a 12,000-gallon fuel tank, and holds 2,000 gallons of water. It has three decks and its beam or width at the waterline is almost 30 feet.

Two 1,800-hp MTU/Detroit Diesel motors power the fiberglass-hulled yacht, and there are two 99-kW generators that supply electrical power. The boat’s maximum speed is 18 knots or almost 21 mph. Its displacement is 498 tons, almost equal to the total weight of the boat. Its range is 4,000 nautical miles, which is typical for a luxury sailing yacht.

The living space of the Privacy measures 6,500 square feet and sleeps 10 guests in five staterooms. Four cabins house the nine crew members who run the vessel. Rich-looking cherry wood trims out much of the yacht’s interior.

Luxurious amenities

Then there’s the remarkable number of amenities on deck tailored just for the fun and relaxation of the pro golfer and his guests. For example, one of the ship’s twin cabins has been converted to a fully-equipped gym, complete with treadmill, exercise bike, and free weights.

The yacht also has plenty of room to house the three Sea-Doos, two ocean kayaks, and two Vespa scooters for when passengers grow tired of yacht life. Plus, there’s a scuba station with an inflatable decompression chamber.

If guests are inclined to stay on the ship, they can take the three-person elevator up to the top deck. There they can mosey over to the bar or hop into the eight-person jacuzzi. Of course, if they feel energetic, they can climb the sweeping staircase with its transparent steps and a cherry wood handrail to get there.

With big-time wealth, Tiger Woods can afford to sail, not drive

Thanks to his winning skills on the fairway, Tiger Woods is believed to have an ultra-high net worth of $800 million. His total lifetime earnings are more than $1.2 billion, and Forbes has designated him as the world’s highest-paid athlete 12 times. Forbes also declared Woods the Richest Sportsman in the World back in 2010 when he earned over $105 million in prize money.

Since then he has been pulling in at least $50 million annually, between tournaments, endorsements, and running his own golf course design company. Besides the yacht and all that cash, the star golfer lives in a $60 million house with its own golf training course on toney Jupiter Island in Florida. He also owns a helicopter and a sports fishing yacht dubbed Solitude.

So we really can’t fault him when he calls the Privacy a “dinghy” and that he sails to tournaments to avoid traffic. After all, cruising a yacht to the PGA Championship sure beats driving a Buick Rendezvous there, doesn’t it?