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Does it feel like something is missing from the GM midsize trucks? Both the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon are capable trucks. These two can handle the off-road adventures you want to enjoy, especially in the Colorado ZR2 trim and the Canyon AT4 version. When looking for diesel power in the midsize truck market, these are the only two that offer it. What could these two trucks provide that we don’t already have in the market?

The only answer is a V8 powertrain.

Neither the Chevy Colorado nor GMC Canyon has a V8 engine in the lineup. The team at Specialty Vehicle Engineering (SVE) fixes this egregious error with the use of incredible performance packaging.

What did SVE do to these GM midsize trucks?

2022 Chevrolet Colorado Xtreme Off-Road
2022 Chevrolet Colorado Xtreme Off-Road |SVE

The SVE team saw this omission in the GM models and gave us a package that corrects this problem. According to MotorTrend, this team put together an amazing 5.3-liter V8 engine, giving these trucks power numbers to rival hot rods. The power coming out of this engine will reach 750 horsepower and 600 lb.-ft. of torque. These numbers will make the GM trucks the most powerful models in their class.

Now, the fun begins

The truck you’ll want to drive depends on where you want to take it. The SVE team is taking each brand and going in opposite directions. The truck sits higher for incredible off-road performance when this SVE treatment is part of the Chevrolet Colorado. If SVE upgrades the GMC Canyon, the truck rests lower to become a street monster that’s ready to race. Only 50 of each version will make it out on the road, making these two trucks exclusive models.

Names we love for these GM midsize trucks

2022 GMC Canyon Syclone
2022 GMC Canyon Syclone | SVE

The GMC models with the SVE treatment bring a classic name to the mix. These trucks are called Syclone and offer the speed and power to make many onlookers shake their heads in disbelief. The Chevy versions wear the name Xtreme Off-Road which pushes the boundaries of off-road driving in the midsize truck market.

Added support for the massive V8 powertrain

Tan 2022 Chevy Colorado Xtreme Off-Road
Tan 2022 Chevy Colorado Xtreme Off-Road | SVE

Both GM trucks receive a 5.3-liter supercharged V8 engine to reach the quoted power levels. This is the traditional V8 engine from GM with a lot more power coming from the supercharger. That extra power requires stronger internals to work properly. This means these trucks have:

  • Forged twisted steel crankshaft
  • Custom ground camshaft
  • Forged steel H-beam connecting rods
  • Forged aluminum pistons
  • Modified L83 high-flow cylinder heads
  • Large SVE supercharger
  • Air-to-water intercooler
  • Upgraded fuel injectors

According to CarScoops, this layout and power delivery put the SVE Xtreme Off-Road Colorado ahead of the RAM TRX and Ford Raptors for off-road power and performance.

Going up or down in these trucks

Black 2022 GMC Canyon Syclone
Black 2022 GMC Canyon Syclone | SVE

This pair of GM midsize trucks head in different directions, requiring various suspension items. The SVE Syclone Canyon is lowered two inches in front and five in the rear to offer a performance setup. This truck also receives a heavy-duty rear sway bar assembly and heavy-duty traction bar to handle the hardest driving. Looking to the SVE Xtreme Off-Road Colorado, the lift is four inches using a BDS system to allow the ZR2 Multimatic DSSV dampers to work for this higher position above the ground.

Both trucks ride on specially-made wheels and offer SVE touches for the cabin to showcase how unique each truck is.

How much does one of these trucks cost?

When you want the bragging right of either the most powerful street racing truck in town or the best off-roading midsize pickup in the area, you’ll pay the price. The expected price for either of these trucks will reach $80,000, which doesn’t include the price of the truck. Are these SVE upgrades worth that much to you?


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