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2020 SVE Colorado Xtreme: 455 HP Sport Truck

Sport Trucks were a thing in the 1990s. Then lifted coal rollers on 38-inch tires rolled all over them and that was that. Lowered, pastel Silverados on 17s were the s**t, at least here on the left coast. Chevy even did its own version for its S-10 truck called Xtreme. Now it looks like we could be harkening back to those days with the latest from Specialty Vehicle Engineering. This is its 2020 Colorado Xtreme. It’s more than a “sticker truck.”

Power is from a 3.6-liter V6 putting out 455 hp, but the engine news is the supercharger employed on top. Back in 2014 SVE developed a supercharger that uses a planetary drive setup instead of the traditional gear drive assemblies commonly used. This sucker can wind up to 90,000 rpm. The main advantage is the elimination of the spool lag you can sometimes experience with a supercharger. It’s like the dreaded turbo lag, except this is a supercharger, not a turbocharger. 

The 2020 SVE Xtreme packs 455 hp with linear acceleration

2020 Chevy Colorado SVE Xtreme | SVE-
2020 Chevy Colorado SVE Xtreme | SVE

This is the setup used for the Xtreme Colorado. It allows for more of a linear acceleration while also increasing the power up to 6,400 rpm. An air-to-water intercooler system helps maintain power while keeping things cool. All of this and no supercharger whine, too. A custom dual exhaust gives the Xtreme a mean rumble. We told you this wasn’t a sticker truck.

Visually, the common link between those sport trucks of the past and this Xtreme is the lowered stance. SVE massages the suspension to lower the Colorado two inches in front and five inches out in the back. It rolls on 20-inch five flat spoke wheels you can get in either gloss or flat black. They’re mounted with Michelin Pilot Sport PS2S 275/45R20 radials at each corner. 

Optional Colorado Xtreme upgrades add street cred to match its looks

2020 Chevy Colorado SVE Xtreme | SVE-
2020 Chevy Colorado SVE Xtreme | SVE

You can also get suspension upgrades like a heavy-duty sway bar, and heavy-duty traction bars and bushings. This adds some street cred to match the looks and engine performance. 

Paint mods include body-color fog lamp bodies, body-color grille with black bowtie emblem, and Xtreme composite engine cover matching the exterior paint. Inside the headrests feature red Xtreme logos stitched into them, premium floor mats with the Xtreme logo, and a seat trim package for the seats tied into the factory colors. 

SVE has cranked out a gang of performance vehicles for Chevy over the years

2020 Chevy Colorado SVE Xtreme | SVE-
2020 Chevy Colorado SVE Xtreme | SVE

SVE is known for doing factory-like integration of performance components like its unique supercharger. It has offered a gang of performance packages for GM and also Fiat Chrysler vehicles over the years. Remember the Firehawk G8 Pontiacs, supercharged ZL Camaros, trucks and SUVs? Those were all SVE projects.

There will only be 100 Xtreme Colorado pickups for 2020. You can choose either the extended cab or crew cab versions. We don’t know what the list price will be but V6 Colorados start at $27,380 for the extended cab and $29,280 for the four-door. 

Chevy is offering a bunch of different versions of the popular Colorado now both lifted and lowered to cover all bases.