Simon Cowell Eyes Potential Lawsuit Against Electric Bicycle Maker

Simon Cowell is a name that many associate with television shows such as American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and X-Factor. As a successful television personality, entertainment manager, and recording industry executive, he has been able to enjoy some of the finer things in life. So, it is no surprise that he has been seen around in fancy cars and at fancy places. But, he also has the opportunity to see or experience new products before the general public. Such is the case with the Swindon Powertrain EB-01 Hyper Electric Bicycle. He was one of the first purchasers.

A new electric bike for trail-riding

A red electric bicycle called the Swind EB-01.
Swing EB-01 electric bicycle | Swindon Powertrain

Simon Cowell’s work keeps him busy hopping between locations in England and the United States. As such, he has spotted some of the great trails near his Malibu home. At some point, he had the idea that an electric bicycle would be a good way to enjoy those trails. So, he purchased one from a company in England and had it shipped to Malibu.

The accident with the Swindon EB-01 Hyper Electric Bicycle

The Swindon EB-01 Hyper Electric Bicycle is a 250 watt electric powered multi-terrain bike. The bike provides sufficient power that some have likened the product to more like a motorcycle than a bicycle. Advertising for the bike places a price point on it of $19,800 British pounds (approximately $26,100 US Dollars at the current exchange rate). 

In a story covered by our sister site, Mr. Cowell, unfortunately, had an accident with the EB-01 back in August. Since then, it has come to light that the accident resulted in an injury to his back that required surgery and physical therapy. Consequently, Mr. Cowell took time off from his work to allow for his body to heal. 

Whistleblower warned of the electric bicycle dangers

Over the weekend, in a story published in The Sun, a whistleblower is said to have come forward regarding the electric bicycle’s dangers. According to the article, an employee claims he had,

“previously warned his bosses the TV mogul could “break his f***ing neck” on it. He claimed the machine, which is 60 times more powerful than ­normal e-bikes, should not be used without specialist training and a full demonstration.”

It is important to note that there is a warning in the advertisement for the EB-01 Hyper Electric Bicycle. It is unknown if the caution was placed there before or after Mr. Cowell’s accident. It reads, 

“We want to point out that the use of EB-01 isn´t allowed on UK public roads, because this electric bicycle exceeds the legal speed limit of 15.5mph and it has more than 250W of power for an electric bicycle allowed on UK public roads. It is only allowed to be used on private, closed areas, sporting activities or on designated routes.”

Simon Cowell smiles for a photo opportunity.
Simon Cowell attends “America’s Got Talent” Season 14 Live Show Red Carpet at Dolby Theatre on September 17, 2019 in Hollywood, California | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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Potential lawsuit regarding the electric bicycle’s maker

Mr. Cowell is said to be eyeing potential legal action. If it goes forward, a lawsuit has the potential to be in the millions of dollars for pain, suffering, and lost appearance fees. His spokesman said in a statement, 

“Simon is understandably extremely concerned for other peoples’ safety in relation to this bike. We’ve been pressing the manufacturer about this and will continue to press them, including in relation to the claims of the former member of staff.” 

Electric bicycles can be a fun, healthy, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional motorcycles. However, not all electric bikes are the same. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind when shopping how much power the bicycles have and their purpose. Are they created to be used in a campground or for hard-core full-force trail running, or for the streets and highway speeds? Not knowing the difference can lead to dangerous or even injurious situations. If one is considering shopping for an electric bicycle, have fun out there, but be wise and cautious.