Lamborghini Goes Too Old-School, Unveils Bicycle

Lamborghini is a brand known for performance cars. But, did you know that the company is also involved in other projects? The automaker has also been involved with tractors and boats. It does not end there. For something a little more affordable, Lamborghini has also ventured into bicycles. Oddly though, the bicycles are old school manual bicycles, not a new technology battery electric bicycle or scooter that is all the rage right now.

Lamborghini is into bicycles

Profile view of the Cervelo R5 Lamborghini Edition bicycle
Cervelo R5 Lamborghini Edition bicycle | Lamborghini

In a press release, Lamborghini announced that the company has entered into an effort with Cervélo Cycles to make an ultra-limited release bicycle. The high-performance Cervélo R5 is a street bike that is draped in a livery that is similar to the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ that set a Nurburgring record a few years ago. The bicycle has authentic Italian made componentry.  

According to the press release, 

“In the same way that the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ raised the performance benchmark in the road vehicle segment, the Cervélo R5 Automobili Lamborghini Edition is created to tackle the steepest uphill and downhill tracks of the Italian Dolomite Alps. Its essence is inspired by that of the Aventador SVJ: fast from every perspective, but distinguished by easy handling and behavior.”

The specifications of Lamborghini’s bicycle

The Lamborghini badge on the stem of the Cervelo R5 bicycle
Cervelo R5 Lamborghini Edition bicycle | Lamborghini

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Manufacturing will be limited to 63 units of the Cervélo R5 Automobili Lamborghini Edition. The specifications of the $18,000 bike were noted as,

“This R5 limited edition street bike is completed by a Campagnolo Super Record EPS mechanical assembly, Campagnolo Bora One wheels, Deda Elementi stem, Vittoria Corsa Pro tires and Fizik Aliante saddle.”

The problem with Lamborghini’s bike

Lamborghini has a problem with the new bike. A manual bicycle is old-school. Lamborghini may be a storied, historically significant brand, but it is known for its performance AND technology. This new bicycle might be able to perform well; however, it is not near the bleeding edge of technology. The cycling world, much like the automotive world, is transitioning to electric motivation either fully or in hybrid form. With the new effort to create this carbon fiber bicycle, Lamborghini went full old-school, with no electric interest at all. Sure, it will probably be lightweight and maneuverable, but it is not a technical marvel like what is expected from the house of the raging bull in Sant’ Agata.

The Lamborghini name on the top rung of the R5 Cervelo bicycle frame
Cervelo R5 Lamborghini Edition bicycle | Lamborghini

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No new tech in the bike

Lamborghini, along with most all automotive manufacturers, is currently exploring the influence of electrification in the automotive industry and that of other industries they are involved with. Indeed, all forms of transportation are seeing either hybrid or full electric conversions of their lineups, and if not, there are new upstart brands popping up with electric products of their own. This is happening from 18 wheel rigs and buses to motorcycles, scooters, and even bicycles. 

It seems odd that Lamborghini would herald this new step into the bicycle world like it is a great thing. The bike might be carbon fiber, which is excellent for reducing mass, but where is the new tech? Carbon fiber bicycles are not new. Electric is new. That is the problem. So, did Lamborghini go too old school?