These Electric Bicycles Are the Perfect RV Companion Tool

Many people enjoy taking an RV to a scenic spot in the great outdoors or a campground or RV resort. But, some people that enjoy RV life also have knee concerns. So, walking can be a literal pain when attempting to go back and forth to the clubhouse or general store. In those situations, a trusty companion tool to take along on RV trips is an electric bicycle. Below are some good contenders.

An RV and electric bicycle make camping more friendly

electric bicycle riding in the city
E-bikes | Samuel de Roman for Getty Images

An electric bicycle is a tool many campers like to bring with them on their adventures. But, not all electric bikes are alike. The perfect companion tool to take on an RV expedition should have some key features. First, it should fold. Space is at a premium on camping trips. Second, the bike should have fat tires that can handle multiple terrains easily. Third, it should recharge quickly. Finally, an electric bike should have a decent range.

Lectric XP Step-thru

The Lectric XP Step-Thru electric bicycle checks off all the necessities for a good RV companion tool. It folds, has fat tires, recharges in four to six hours, and provides 25-50 miles of range depending on weight, load, and terrain. It’s easily upgradable as well, with options for a giant seat and a spare battery. The low step-thru frame also makes it easy for people with knee concerns. Pricing right now is advertised at $899. The giant seat is an additional $40, and the spare battery pack is $299.

GoTrax EBE4

The GoTrax Shift S1 is also a folding bicycle. Beefy tires are also a part of this go-anywhere electric alternative. It has a 25-mile throttle-only range. The recharge time for the battery is six hours. Pricing is advertised at $849. No extra battery packs are currently available. But, I spoke with David Castillo in Customer Support, and he filled me in that the spare battery packs will be available for Black Friday, but no price has been determined as of yet. 



Electric Off-Road Scooter Can Take You Anywhere

The Swagtron EB8 is a foldable, all-terrain, fat tire, electric bicycle. The electric battery pack is swappable and will provide a throttle-only range of approximately 21 miles. Recharging takes approximately five to six hours. Pricing is advertised at $799. An additional battery pack is listed at $129.

Ecotric Fat Tire Portable and Folding Electric Bike

Ecotric produces many electric bicycles. The one that is comparable to the bikes mentioned above is the Fat Tire Portable and Folding Electric Bike. That’s a long title but it sums up the ride pretty well. Priced at $839.99, the bike has a five to eight-hour charge time. The extra battery pack is $359. The throttle only range is approximately 21-23 miles.

Getting around an RV site for a quick errand is a lot easier if one considers bringing along an electric bike. But, not just any electric unit will do. So, the bicycles listed above have a little more rugged capability figured in. This capability should cover the multiple terrains that a campsite will have pretty well and accomplish the errands with ease. Happy camping!