Did You Know That Triumph Makes Electric Bicycles?

Many may recall the name Triumph from the past. Although the British manufacturer of small sportscars stopped selling its cars decades ago in the United States, the Triumph name has also been used in conjunction with Motorcycles. Just recently, however, Triumph branched out and included electric bicycles to its product portfolio.

A picture of the rear of the 2020 Triumph E-Trekker GT
The 2020 E-Trekker GT electric bicycle| Triumph

Bicycles and Sewing machines?

Triumph Motorcycles, Ltd was created in 1983 when Triumph Engineering went into receivership. But motorcycles have had the Triumph name attached to them since 1902. Prior even to that, back in 1884, the company formed around making bicycles and sewing machines. So, the company is one of the oldest and most iconic two-wheeled manufacturer out there, and this new endeavor is a return to the company’s origins, minus the sewing machines.

The grip on the handle bar says Triumph
The 2020 E-Trekker GT electric bicycle | Triumph

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The electric bicycle

Triumph recently launched the company’s first two-wheeled electric bicycle, or e-bike. It is called the Trekker GT. It has a clean look, with all the electrical components hidden within the bicycle’s aluminum hydro-formed frame. On their website, the company says, 

“Triumph’s passion for two-wheeled performance and riding fun inspired the combination of the latest in e-drive bicycle technology with Triumph’s world-renowned elegant style, comfort, quality and finish.”

The website continues,

“Designed in the UK by Triumph’s world-leading styling team, the elegant frame combined with the narrow-width handlebars and the ultra-comfort of the Selle Royal Vivo saddle provides the rider with optimal ergonomics and great rider control.”

As far as bicycles go, the E Trekker GT weight comes in at 53 pounds. Not too heavy for an electric bicycle, but not lightweight either. Most of that weight, of course, is related to the electric 250 watt Shimano motor and a Shimano 504 watt-hour lithium-ion battery pack.

The range for the new 10-speed e-bike is rated at 90 miles, depending on hills and weight of the rider. LED lighting is incorporated front and aft. A Shimano display will track battery life, speed, distance, gear, and trip time. The front suspension allows for 65 millimeters of travel through the RockShox Paragon forks. The rear has a basket tray. 

The E-Trekker GT is available now through Triumph dealers at a price point starting at $3,750, which seems pricey. Electric bicycles can be found under $700 and easily purchased from places like Walmart these days. Although, none would have the link to the historic manufacturer’s heritage.

The front fork of the 2020 Trekker GT
The 2020 E-Trekker GT electric bicycle| Triumph

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Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph currently has a pretty diverse product line. They cover the two-wheeled adventure, touring, and performance categories. According to its website, the company has motorcycles reasonably priced from $9,300 for a modern classic, to $21,900 for the high-performance Rocket 3 model. The entire model line pays homage to the company’s rich heritage but also incorporates modern technology, such as the availability of ABS and traction control systems. 

The Triumph badge on the fork of the Triumph E-Trekker GT
The 2020 E-Trekker GT electric bicycle | Triumph

The addition of the new electric bicycle to the lineup of the Triumph brand comes as other manufacturers are exploring the growing electric interest from consumers. Bianchi, Ducati, and others have dabbled with bicycle electrification. Indeed, even Harley Davidson has an electric motorcycle called the Livewire, but no electric bicycle yet is available from them. So, Triumph seems to be introducing their e-bike at the right time. Also, as an aside, it is the first year of an electric e-bike from a historic brand. So, it is likely that some collectors will jump at this.