Severe Engine Problems Have 2012 Hyundai Genesis Owners Complaining

For some consumers, badges and brands aren’t as important as amenities, features, and value. For anyone interested in a top-quality luxury sedan with all the bells and whistles minus the hefty price tag, the Hyundai Genesis might be the perfect car for you. Originally launched in 2009, the Genesis soon became a fan favorite for those who wanted a fresh luxury option.

You might be inclined to test-drive one of the older models, and you absolutely should. However, if you’ve picked out a 2012 Hyundai Genesis, there are some engine problems you should know about that many owners complain about most.

What’s new for the Hyundai Genesis today?

Before we dive into the complications with older model Hyundai Genesis models, it might serve best to talk about the big things happening with Genesis today. You might have caught the Super Bowl ad featuring celebrity couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen in the Genesis GV80.

In 2015, Genesis became its own marque – separate from Hyundai – and a fresh lineup, including the G70, G80, and G90 are landing in showrooms. More recently, the luxury brand showed off the new design for the 2021 G80, likely to entice Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Audi A6 fans away from their old favorites.

Owner complaints point to this one problem the most

Many consumers consider buying used models, and for those interested in luxury sedans, the older Genesis cars are fantastic choices. Taking a look at the reports from, however, there is one glaring problem for the 2012 model year that is a pretty serious issue. Imagine driving along and having your engine stall completely. For several consumers who own 2012 Hyundai Genesis sedans, that situation became a reality.

Reliability issues over multiple years

Genesis displays a Vision G Coupe concept at the North American International Auto Show
Hyundai Genesis | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Even more concerning is that according to those reported complaints, there are no real solutions available for repairs. The engine stalling problem, on average, occurred at around 51,400 miles and scores a ‘really awful’ severity rating of 9.5. It’s unknown for sure just how much these car owners have spent over time in trying to diagnose, fix, or replace the engine problems. Considering this significant failure happens so early in vehicle ownership along with the uncertainty of potential solutions, that makes this a doozy of a problem to beware of if buying a used Genesis is in your future.

The Hyundai Genesis has been reliable for many, but there were other problems across other model years worth mentioning. For example, has logged concerns with the brakes for the 2009 and 2010 models. For the 2015 Genesis, others cited electrical failures that included issues with the XM satellite radio not working. Most of these reports are infrequent, and none compare to the overwhelmingly worst year ever of 2012 for the Hyundai Genesis.

The Hyundai Genesis has a ton of redeeming qualities

Don’t let the problems of the 2012 Hyundai Genesis or other years deter you from buying one. This luxurious sedan has plenty to offer and a host of redeeming qualities. If you’re not hung up on badges, but crave the soft materials, cool features, and smooth ride of luxury, the Hyundai Genesis is worth a test drive. Buying used just makes you that much smarter of a consumer when it comes to value and budget.

As with any vehicle, there are certain model years that prove to be more problematic. Every automaker has the occasional hiccup, and, as a result, will issue recalls, technical service bulletins or notices to owners. Before you buy a Hyundai Genesis, make sure you check into the various potential pitfalls that others have encountered, especially if you have your eyes on a 2012 model. Asking about any engine failures ahead of time can keep you from facing similar situations down the road.