The 2021 Genesis G80 Revives Signature 1960s Pontiac Feature

The new 2021 Genesis G80 midsize sedan marketers are very proud of its new signature “two lines” lighting. It’s the main topic when journos gather to hear Genesis promoters wax on about the amazing features of the G80. Genesis designers were so proud of it they sprinkled the two lines feature all around the G80s exterior. We’re thrilled they are all so giddy about their revelation in lighting and design. Except that Pontiac already did that in the 1960s. In fact, this was a signature feature of all Pontiacs back then.

Genesis’ signature feature was Pontiac’s signature feature for years

2021 Genesis G80 Sedan | Genesis

Yeah, 50 years ago Pontiac was bonking two- and three-line lighting on many of its models including the Catalina, Firebird, GTO, and Grand Prix. Basically, all of its models had it at one time or another for eight or so years running. So while we’re happy that Genesis is happy about their “signature” feature appearing on many of its products it is kind of embarrassing. 

Here’s the first thing the press release says, “A relationship begins at first sight. The distinctive ‘two lines’ signature of the Quadlamps presents a clear and unique Genesis identity within seconds.” So, Genesis really wants the Pontiac two-lines design to represent Genesis now. 

2021 Genesis G80 Sedan | Genesis
2021 Genesis G80 Sedan | Genesis

If we understand correctly the two-line lights define this as a Pontiac?

Genesis continues, “No matter what body type, sedan or SUV; the Quadlamps and athletic elegance design language present a distinctive brand identity.” Yes, they do. They identify the vehicles as Pontiacs. 

1967 Pontiac GTO | Getty

Pontiac is still a beloved brand for many enthusiasts. Granted, it has been gone a while, but it was just getting its mojo back after such dismal failures as its Aztek SUV and those years of plastic cladding. There were some very good years for Pontiac before it all flipped on them and it got very bad. Then just like the Phoenix rising up Pontiac was ramping it back up with cars like the Solstice when GM pulled the plug.

It looks like the Genesis two-line feature is a thing of and from the past

1967 Pontiac Grand Prix | Getty

By then the signature twin- and tri-line lights were a thing of the past. Which is what you could call Genesis’ new light features; “a thing of the past.” See, here’s the thing; if you’re not familiar with the past you’re doomed to repeat it. And what we are all doomed to sit through are the marketers and promoters for Genesis getting excited about this rehash of the hash mark. 

As for the sedan itself, it is adapting the fastback sedan profile we suspect all remaining sedans will need to have. As Genesis continues with its tale of the G80 we hear from Hyundai’s Chief Design Officer Luc Donckerwolke. Hyundai is the parent company of Genesis. He says, “The look drew from Genesis’ spread-eagle pilot’s wings logo, with the twin lines of lighting wrapping around the vehicle.” Man, Genesis is really doubling down on the Pontiac lights again.

So, is Genesis now Pontiac; is that what it is saying?

2021 Genesis G80 Sedan | Genesis
2021 Genesis G80 Sedan | Genesis

“The crest of the logo becomes the crest grille and the two lines of the wings become the Quadlamps,” he continues. Jeez, Genesis is just not letting up on its arrogation of the Pontiac lights. “In other words, the design starts with the brand and design is the brand.” Oh boy, so now Genesis is really Pontiac if we’re understanding what he’s saying. Maybe it depends on where one is coming from. 

Genesis is talking about using Pontiac’s signature design as now being its own. It’s too confusing for us. Or, maybe we’re just stubborn that way.