What Features Does the Genesis GV80 Offer?

Driving in luxury has never been more exciting. Genesis recently revealed that they will be rolling out its first-ever sport-utility car. The GV80 was officially unveiled to the public a few weeks ago, and drivers are dying to know all of the details about this impressive model. The “V” in the title represents the versatility that was needed to create this remarkable crossover. Take a look at all of the features that make this vehicle so unique.

More space for more luxury

An obvious added element of the GV80 is the added space of the new design. Everything was carefully predetermined and selected down to the extremely thin and sleek air vents. However, just because there is space available doesn’t mean it is meant to be filled. Genesis made it a point to design the GV80 with a bare minimum amount of switches and hard buttons. Not to mention, the Genesis Integrated Controller allows users to bypass the need for a keyboard by enabling handwriting recognition The beauty of the GV80 can be found in both its convenience and aesthetic.  

The GV80’s distinctive and distinguished shape

Genesis fans and customers are familiar with a certain standard of luxury when it comes to Genesis vehicles. The GV80 is no different. Genesis Design studios all over the world collaborated to create the “Athletic Elegance” that the GV80 embodies. The SUV architecture of the model nicely compliments the trademark Genesis design details.

Though the shape is different than most of the Genesis models, the GV80 comes equipped with signature Genesis features such as the Crest Grille and Parabolic Line. The GV80 makes driving even more smooth and even more of a statement. Luc Donckerwolke, an experienced car designer, showcased the vehicle at the January 28th Livestream Reveal Event while sharing with the audience that this was part of Genesis’ efforts to create vehicles and brands that are recognizable by both night and day. It is safe to say they have been successful.

Controlled suspension & Road Active Noise Cancellation technology

Genesis GV80 off-road
Genesis GV80 off-road | Genesis

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The GV80 understands a thing or two about driving smarter. With the release of the new GV80 came with it many new features. Genesis was very excited to build the GV80 with Road Active Noise Cancellation (RANC) technology. Through analyzing the noise generated on the road in real-time, RANC is able to reduce erratic and irregular noises.

The front camera plays a vital role in providing the highest level of efficiency when it comes to the GV80. The front camera allows the vehicle to assist passengers by electronically controlling suspension with road preview. The front camera is able to identify important and essential information to guarantee success and comfort.

With the development of the GV80 came with it a lot of excitement and expectations. Consumers can always count on Genesis when it comes to luxury driving and innovation. Hopefully, customers won’t have to wait too long to experience it themselves. North America officially got its first sneak-peak of the model during the Livestream Reveal Event that took place on January 28th.

Interested consumers are still waiting to hear numbers on prices, but this SUV crossover is the next step for Genesis when it comes to expanding and growing on their highly-respected reputation and brand. The Genesis GV80 is described as being inspired by “young luxury”. That is why Genesis has selected John Legend and Chrissy Teigen as the faces of Genesis and this particular campaign as they continue to move forward with the times. You can see the charming couple in a recently filmed advertisement for the GV80.  Make sure to catch the official Genesis commercial during Super Bowl LIV!