RV Awards Season: 2021 Toy Haulers of the Year

The yearly awards season is upon us. Many people are familiar with the car and truck of the year awards. However, not as many people are aware that the recreational vehicle industry also has its own awards. Similar to the automotive awards, the RV awards involve evaluating the new models in the market. The models are then whittled down to a select few that receive the coveted “of the year” recognition. The newest batch of the toy hauler RV awards was recently announced.

How the toy hauler RV awards were determined

A white, long Stryker toy hauler travel trailer RV against a white background.
The Stryker from Cruiser RV is a toy hauler travel trailer | Cruiser RV

Our friends at RV News recently rounded up the latest entrants for the toy hauler awards. After whittling them down, multiple models were given the award for travel trailers and fifth-wheels. There is also an award for a motorhome powered toy hauler. These are all highlighted below. 

Best travel trailer toy hauler RVs

The 2021 Cruiser RV Stryker 3313 travel trailer toy hauler was called out as a leader amongst the masses. The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price for this unit is $58,000. The trailer has an outdoor kitchen, ample storage, plenty of countertop area, a king-size bed, and a 13 foot, six-inch garage. It is built to be towed by a ¾ ton truck. 

The 2021 Forest River XLR Hyperlite 2513 contains a 13 foot, four-inch garage, but RV News notes that it is designed to be towed by the ½ ton truck segment. So, this opens up the range of prospective purchasers. It also has a central vacuum and a tire pressure monitoring system. MSRP is in the lower $50,000s.

The 2021 Grand Design Momentum G 30G is designed a bit different than most of its competitors. The partition wall with the garage is removed. So, there are over 20 feet of space that includes two removable dinette tables. It can be towed by “lighter-weight tow vehicle options”. MSRP is in the high $50,000s.

Best fifth-wheel toy hauler RVs

The 2021 Alliance RV Valor 36V11 has an MSRP of $96,000. The judges noted that this unit does not have room to store larger side-by-sides, but future floorplans are on the way. Overall, however, they did like the three air conditioners, poured-epoxy countertops, the adventurous look and styling, and the solar capability. Currently, the garage is 11 feet long. 

The 2021 Forest River Rogue Armored 351 G2 features a king-size bed, multiple slides, and can be towed by a ¾ ton truck. The garage is 13 feet long and houses the shower. The judges liked that the garage can handle some of the taller Powersports vehicles. A quick search online reveals an MSRP of $95,591


Keeping the Holidays Fun In An RV

Best type A diesel toy hauler

The 2021 Newmar Canyon Star 3927 has a 10-foot garage and space for an optional washer and dryer. Inside the cabin of this unit, there is even a televator fireplace. Overall, the RV can park a golf cart with ease and is described as cool, but with class and beauty. Newmar’s website indicates a starting price at $233,870.

2020 has been a challenging year globally. The pandemic affected all industries including RV manufacturers. These 2021 awards, thankfully, help them put this year behind and forget it. The awards also help customers know what toy haulers are respected in the industry. So, there is some peace of mind associated with that for them. Overall, it’s good to know that there is at least something to look forward to in the new year for both manufacturers and customers alike.