Keeping the Holidays Fun In An RV

The holidays are commonly a time of spreading cheer . . . or trampling shoppers. But, I digress. One thing that helps get people giddy with excitement for the holidays is decorating their homes and participating in neighborhood activities. However, life in an RV can be a little different during the holidays. So, below are some ways to bring some joy vibes into an RV living situation during “the most wonderful time of the year.” 

Pick a holiday destination

RV Holiday Decor Ideas: Palm Trees wrapped in Christmas lights
Christmas lights wrapped around palm trees at Miami Beach | Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Sometimes picking the right destination can bring all the cheer with it. For example, suppose one is planning on bringing their RV near the Newport Beach area in California. In that case, they can be witness to many holiday celebrations. There’s normally a Christmas boat parade that sees boats and yachts alike filled with lights and decorations. Sadly, the event is canceled for 2020. But, the homeowners around the harbor are still putting on the Rings of Lights competition. The Newport Dunes RV Waterfront Resort and Marina happens to be nearby and may be a great place to check-in. 

Newport Beach is just one example. There is a myriad of RV resorts across the country. The point is that many of them are on the water. So, there is a higher likelihood of having water-based festivities along with the traditional campground activities. However, this year, it might be wise to call ahead to make sure events have are not canceled due to the ongoing regional health-based lockdowns.

Holiday lights for the RV space

Awnings often come with LED lighting already built-in. But, that does not mean that the lighting has to be confined to the RV and awning space. If the vehicle is parked near trees, it might add some holiday cheer to run outdoor-rated lights throughout the parking space. Don’t forget to include a wreath somewhere.

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Christmas trees in the RV

Space is always at a premium in an RV. So, a 6-foot tall Christmas tree intrusion may not be the best idea. But, there are plenty of alternatives. Smaller desktop trees are easily found on Amazon with a quick search. There are even smaller ceramic trees and Christmas figurines that be spread about the cabin of the vehicle. 

Prepare for cold temperatures

This one may seem like common sense. But, wait, there’s a twist. Warm and cozy beats shivering and blue toes. So, prepare for possible cold temperatures with warm clothes, blankets, long underwear, and thick socks. But, to bring the cheer inside, why not get a holiday-themed winter comforter? 

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Caroling and a gift exchange with RV residents

Ask three of four people at the RV park to join for caroling. Pick a night to get together. Then have somebody print out copies of the words to some holiday songs. When the night arrives, go from spot-to-spot caroling. When the singing is done, meet back at one of the units and share hot chocolate together. Finish off the hot chocolate with a gift exchange. 

RV life does not mean missing the holidays. With a little decorating sense and ingenuity, and maybe a few blow-up yard figures, the holidays can be just as cheery from a campground in the frozen north to the palm tree-lined beaches of Florida and California. So, put on the holiday music and get creative. Soon enough, the campground neighbors will also get the bug to decorate.