Rusty Monday: Muscle Cars Left To Rust Away

You wouldn’t expect to see muscle cars left to rust away. Yet, here we are with some of the scariest images of just that thing. Why? Who knows? There was a time when muscle cars were not popular; especially during the gas crisis of the mid- and late-1970s. And even the muscle cars that had a following ended up beaten or modified to such an extent they became something else. So this week’s Rusty Monday is about the unspeakable; muscle cars too far gone.

Today we look at them in horror, thinking about what could have been. Every one of our examples here is too far gone to restore. And if any of them are still out in the open their chance at being restored goes down with each passing winter. So sit back, read, and weep.

1969 Mercury Cyclone GT

This 1969 Mercury Cyclone GT is not only sporting its factory paint but has even retained the unique red stripes. But beyond that, this is an incredible amount of rust, no front suspension, and we would guess the engine and trans have been plucked out. 

1968 Chevy Camaro (1)

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Based on the fresh rust and surroundings we assume this is what’s left of a 1968 Camaro after a hurricane. There may be some good salvageable parts left, but beyond that, it’s a goner. 

1968 AMC AMX

Somebody has hacked the heck out of this 1968-69 AMX. It has been here long enough to sink down to the axles. The faded red and blue indicate this was finished in the famous diagonal red/white/blue paint. AMC muscle cars from this era rocked.

1968 Chevy Camaro (2)

Another 1968 Camaro, this one rusted up worse than the previous one. Why these muscle cars were left to rot away like this is anybody’s guess. We see a lot of rust. Maybe we should hook this owner up with the 1968 Canario shown above. 

1971 Plymouth Road Runner

This used and abused 1971-72 Plymouth Road Runner has been used as a roundy-round glory mobile. Cut fenders, structural tubing, and cage, and window straps guarantee there isn’t enough left to do anything with. 

1969 Dodge Charger Daytona beak

Some people like to show-off and so we have this 1969 Daytona Charger front beak sitting in somebody’s front yard. It looks pretty beat but could be a great wall hanger. We wonder if there is a car to go with it and what the rest of the car looks like?

1970 AMC Rambler Machine

In 1970 AMC made these Rambler Machine muscle cars. Most come with a 401ci engine. We don’t know whether a tree fell on it or what? What we can say is that while it is all there nobody is fixing this mess.

1969 Pontiac GTO Judge

While toward the end of production in 1969 a few colors were added to the GTO Judge option list, most of the production was like this “Carousel Red.” The Judge is one of those iconic vehicles that defined the era or segment. Why someone would leave it to rot is anybody’s guess.