Rusty Monday: Trucks Rusted In Half

Trucks are modern mules. Some get worked until they die. Such is the fate of these Rusty Monday work trucks. These poor things got used and used up until they rusted so badly they broke in half. Literally. Only some serious rust could do this as truck frames are stout. But not stout enough to conquer the demon rust.

Rusty Ford F600 broken in two places from the rust worm

This dump truck hauler has had a hard life and a harder end. Not only has the frame collapsed in one place but it broke in two different places. Yikes! And look at it. It’s full of cordwood. It was working right up to the very end.

Look at all of that rust along the bottom of the door and running board. This was a 1956 F600 Ford. It was similar to the 1953-1955 Fords except they got fancy in 1956 with a wrapping windshield. The next year Ford trucks were all-new. When they say “Ford Tough” this is what they’re referring to.

Jeep Comanche rusty through and through

Look at the rust on this Jeep pickup. Wherever this is it’s Rust Country as evidenced by all of the snow. And rust. Rust is so pervasive that this Jeep has broken in two. There must have been some warning this was imminent as it has ended up in a boneyard. 

Whether this ended up at the wreckers before or after it broke in half we’ll never know. But the rust must have been advanced to end up like this. The rockers and half of the bed have been chewed away by the rust worm. 

These MJ pickups were made for seven years starting in 1986. As both anything Jeep and pickups are so popular this is, or at least was, a fairly collectible Jeep even though it isn’t that old. RIP Comanche.

Good to the rusty last drop

Our final Rusty Monday for this week is this 1990s Chevy pickup that in spite of its compromised state of rust is still being used. It is so precarious-looking it caught the attention of two different posters. Whoever drives this truck must know something we don’t. We would no more get into that thing than we would stick our heads in a tiger’s mouth. 


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When this owner says his truck is “broken” it has two completely different meanings. If he or she hasn’t done something to reinforce the frame then it is held being together by the exhaust pipes and brake lines. That won’t last long. 

This owner must have both a death wish and a sense of humor. Regardless, it is a spectacle as evidenced by two different people compelled to snap a picture of it. And if you thought it met its end in that parking lot, from the driving shot you can see it didn’t. Unless you saw it running you wouldn’t believe it. That concludes this week’s Rusty Monday!