Rusty Monday: VW Microbus Blues

It is hard to understand why any of these wasted VW Microbus rusty heaps escaped the crusher. That makes them the perfect choice for Rusty Monday. Most are so far gone you have to ask, “What’s the point of keeping them?” For your perusal, we have one that remains underwater and one resurrected from underwater. We get why the transporter that’s underwater is still there. We don’t understand why the other has been dredged up from being underwater. In spite of its desirability. Let’s take a look. 

The Holy Grail of Type 2 VWs is this Deluxe 23-window Samba

Considered the Holy Grail of Type 2 VWs is this Deluxe 23-window Samba. It has those skylights in the roof and corner windows, too. Additionally, there are extra windows along the bottom of the body. No, wait. That is where the rust has eaten the sheet metal away. Our mistake. This Samba will definitely be restored but it will most likely be a labor of love. 

Literally underwater, this 2nd gen Kombi has a 2nd life as an artificial reef. It won’t be getting restored for obvious reasons. These 2nd gens started in 1968 and were built through 1979. This is a 1979 to later version as you can tell from the parking lights above the headlights. Not as desirable as the first-gen, these definitely have a following nonetheless.

Some things are better left alone

Sitting outside for who-knows-how-long this 13-window Kombi could probably be saved. Sinking into the ground we wouldn’t want to see what the pan looks like. It may not be there at all. Though reproduction bodies are available to use for patching or replacing whole panels, if the pan has rusted away this will be one hell of a project. Some things are better left alone.

Looks inviting, doesn’t it? While the Kombi looks restorable from this angle we wouldn’t want to be the lucky one to clean out this mess. Of course, these make great camping vans. VW even offered them with a camper conversion by Westphalia. This might be one of those micro busses based on seeing the wood paneling. 

As desirable as they are what could possibly be salvageable

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Another Samba, this one is being pulled from a lake. As desirable as they are what could possibly be salvageable? Maybe someone wants it for a lawn ornament? It is hard to say. Maybe after getting a good look at it they decided to sink it again? Whatever the case this Samba should be swimming with the fishies and nothing more. 

Well, at least this Kombi is complete. It still has its hub caps afterall. This is another questionable candidate for restoration. Anything can be restored, but for the foreseeable future it looks like Mr. Tree has the first right of refusal. The force of that tree is so great that it lifted the front off of the ground. This first-gen was in production through 1967, then it soldiered on in Brazil until 1975. 

It’s time to be marching out of here. See ya next Rusty Monday.