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Have you ever been sitting in the left turn lane when the car ahead of you has a right turn signal flashing? Which way is that car trying to go, exactly? Apparently, that is a reality for many Kia Sedona drivers as the turn signals might indicate in the wrong direction. The Kia minivan is having a slight malfunction, but the automaker plans to fix it soon.

What problems does the Kia Sedona have?

A Kia Sedona on the road
2017 Kia Sedona minivan | Kia

According to the Part 573 Safety Recall Report released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), this recall is related to the lights. The recall impacts approximately 88,576 vehicles, which is about 1%.

“A turn signal that activates in the opposite direction of what was intended by the driver increases the risk of crash.”


2015-2017 Kia Sedona minivans manufactured from 7/21/2014 through 6/10/2016 might have an issue with the lights. The Smart Junction Box (SJB) reads a signal from a switch to determine which way the signal should go. The SJB might improperly interpret the signal from the switch, which could send the indication the wrong way. This would display the opposite turn signal on the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash.

Wrong way, Kia Sedona drivers

The NHTSA says that if the issue impacts your Kia Sedona, the wrong turn signal will be visible on the dashboard. Apparently, this has not been an ongoing issue. It is due to a software problem that only recently popped up.

Kia only submitted the recall issue on Sep. 17, 2021. The automaker says it will be contacting owners in November to update the Smart Junction Box software logic with software that fixes the issue. If owners have already taken the Sedona in for repair, Kia will reimburse individuals directly. Owners can contact Kia directly at 800-333-4542.

According to a timeline provided, the NHTSA sent an inquiry to Kia about the Sedona turn signal malfunction back in May 2021. Kia started a preliminary investigation in May and June to identify the issue. After finding the problem in some switches returned under warranty, Kia told dealerships to honor an extended warranty on the switch. It should be noted that the recall determination notice is called “Turn Signal Misdirection.”

In conclusion, owners should hear from the automaker in mid-November

Finally, Kia is able to diagnose the issue. “Kia NA decides to conduct safety recall to address turn signal misdirection issue. 369 warranty claims, 44 customer complaints, and 24 techline reports. No fatalities, injuries, crashes, or fires.”

The action was about as swift as possible by Kia, and a fix is on the way. At this time, it seems Kia Sedona owners have to figure out another way to signal a turn. Wave an arm, fly a flag, something to indicate you might be soon turning.

Nevertheless, it does not appear any other Kia vehicles were involved in the recall. Kia Sedona owners should start hearing from the automaker on Nov. 12, 2021.


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