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The new Kia UVO link smartwatch app helps control your Kia car from your wrist. Kia has officially announced the watch app for new vehicles hitting the market. What exactly does the UVO app do? The app can start your car, even when you aren’t near it. But be sure to check the pricing for the annual subscription as some of these features will cost you.

The Kia Access App and UVO smartwatch app

Kia UVO Link Smartwatch App
Kia UVO Link Smartwatch App | Kia

The Kia Access App has a lot of beneficial features. The dashboard offers a variety of important information right away. It shows the vehicle, mileage, fuel level, and other options. Owners can heat or cool the car remotely before getting into it. This can be a huge deal during the summer and winter months (depending on your location).

There is also the option to lock and unlock the car from a distance. The app also shows if the locks, doors, trunks, and hood are closed or locked. If needed, you may set off the horn and lights remotely from the app.

The new Kia UVO link smartwatch app is connected to the car directly as well. This allows the vehicle to send notifications to a connected smartwatch through the Kia Access App. Owners can connect an Apple Watch to the app and receive notifications on the go.

The new UVO smartwatch app allows drivers to lock and unlock the doors remotely. While it was available through the phone app before, you can now do it from the watch as well. The use of the app allows you to leave your phone at home or locked in the car and still open the vehicle.

The Kia UVO link smartwatch link also allows owners to remote start the vehicle. You can turn on the heat when it is cold out or start the air conditioning when the temperatures rise. The app also allows you to mark your parking spot or find the vehicle in a crowded area. You can navigate to the car using UVO through your smartwatch, making your way through a busy city street with ease.

The UVO link smartwatch app has access to the vehicle’s State of Charge (SoC) in the promotional photos. It offers electric vehicle charging information and even shows the range. The new 2022 Kia EV6 is displayed in the image.

Keep track of your new EV through your Apple Watch

Right now, owners must pair the UVO link smartwatch app with the Kia Access App. The Lite version of the app is free for five years and offers a variety of features. These include trip information, 911 connect, maintenance notifications, and remote charge.

The Care version offers a vehicle alarm alert and roadside assistance for $5.99 a month or $59 a year. To use the remote lock and unlock feature, you need to have the Plus plan. With the remote climate and find my car features, this will cost $14.99 a month or $149 annually.

Buyers can find some of the more high-end offerings with the Ultimate plan. The Ultimate plan includes Home-to-car with Alexa, Home-to-car with Google, and points of interest. Most of these options are not yet available with the UVO link smartwatch app. It is likely more features will be added to the Kia UVO Link time goes on.


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