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The BMW X5 M is one of the most popular luxury SUVs on the market. Since 1999, it has garnered a loyal following from people who want this segment of vehicles. However, X5 owners have expressed frustration over a couple of areas of the BMW SUV.

Though an excellent vehicle, some drivers have complaints over the fuel economy and the infotainment system in the SUV. This is according to a study conducted by J.D. Power. Here’s a look into why there is frustration over these two areas of the 2024 BMW X5 M.

A look into the new BMW X5 infotainment system

Luxury SUVs have some of the best infotainment systems on the market. As such, this is also the case for the 2024 BMW X5 M. The SUV comes with a large curved 14.9-inch display that works wirelessly with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The system is intuitive and uses multiple pages to function, which also means it has tons of capabilities. According to J.D Power, drivers can also control the system from the center console or by using BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant.

While J.D. Power doesn’t go too far into an explanation as to why people complain about the system, there is one reason listed that may support the disdain. You can adjust the temperature from the main page, but other climate settings are available in a sub-menu.

While these settings may not be the most difficult to find, it can be a challenge to go to two different menus to control the climate. However, the study does point out that it’s easier than most would expect.

Why BMW X5 owners might complain about fuel economy

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Many people may assume that people who buy luxury SUVs don’t particularly care about fuel economy. However, many of them do, which is one reason why there is disdain over the 2024 BMW X5 M. According to J.D. Power, the SUV offers a combined average of 15 miles per gallon. This means it gets 13 miles per gallon in the city and 18 miles per gallon on the highway, which equates to 328 miles on a tank of fuel.

However, the BMW X5 M has the performance to back up its low fuel economy. The vehicle uses a powerful V8 engine, which is naturally less efficient than a V6 or an Inline-four. It uses a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter with a maximum output of 617 horsepower and a torque of 553 lb-ft. It’s an all-wheel drive SUV and uses an eight-speed automatic transmission. Regarding speed, it accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 3.7 seconds.

Fuel economy is one of the biggest trade-offs for a powerful V8 engine. This means the low efficiency isn’t necessarily a mark against the vehicle but perhaps proof that you can’t have both. However, it’s hard to deny that a combined average of 15 miles per gallon in an SUV is incredibly low because there are trucks with better fuel economy.

Overall, the 2024 BMW X5 is a solid luxury SUV. It offers impeccable performance and an advanced infotainment system. However, both areas have drawbacks that have garnered complaints from X5 owners. Neither should be a complete deterrent, but they are both areas that should cause buyers to be sure of what they want out of an SUV.