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Small truck fans rejoiced when the news that the Ram Rampage would be coming to our shores after all. This is a much-needed addition to the crazy-popular small truck lineup in the States whenever it debuts here. The small truck market isn’t the only thing the Ram Rampage is encroaching on; it is also going for the Ford Maverick’s most creative feature

The Ram Rampage is getting 3D-printed parts like Ford Maverick

The 2024 Ram Rampage off-roading in dirt might have DIY accessories
2024 Ram Rampage Rebel | Ram

According to, something called the Mopar 3D Lab will offer free accessory designs to Rampage customers. These designs will be downloadable to personal 3D printers, which will allow people to make their own factory-designed homemade truck accessories. At the launch of the new small truck, Ram will include six printable designs. We reached out to Stellantis to see how many designs might be available, but we haven’t been able to confirm anything yet. So we’ll just have to wait and see.

The Maverick’s FITS System is a hit. The Maverick is one of the most popular trucks on the market. The DIY-friendly FITS System is surely part of that success. Like Maverick’s system, the Ram Rampage’s DIY system will also not be beholden to only what Ram provides. Creators can also upload their own designs and create bespoke items that will clip into the system. 

There is a long history of customizing trucks around the world. It’s a refreshing change to see OEMs jumping on board the DIY train. Allowing makers to customize their trucks with factory support is very cool. While we await more information, we can start cooking up some ideas for DIY truck accessories. 

The Ram Rampage: another small truck confirmed for the U.S.? 

The 2024 Ram Rampage on a dirt road is small truck that might be coming to the U.S.
2024 Ram Rampage | Ram

The Ram Rampage was initially created for the South American market. However, soon after it debuted on the other side of the equator, speculation started that it was coming here. The Rampage still isn’t confirmed by Stellantis, but the new little truck is expected to be announced here sometime in 2024, according to the grapevine. While we also don’t know how much the Rampage will cost yet, we can assume it will cost a bit less than the Ram 1500. We suspect the Ram will still be more than the Ford Maverick, but still less than $30k, at least for the lower trims. 

Can the Rampage newcomer compete with the Ford Maverick? 

The Ford Maverick is a strong platform. Its price, capability, features, and fresh style make it unsurprising that Ford can’t make enough of the tiny truck to keep up with demand. The American people clearly want a small, well-equipped pickup truck that doesn’t cost a fortune. Even still, the Hyundai Santa Cruz is not nearly in demand as much as the Maverick. The point is Ford’s small pickup truck is a strong competitor. 

The Ram Rampage has a proper truck brand name behind it, unlike the little Hyundai. This is likely to matter. Ram is a more suitable competitor for Ford than Hyundai, and this seemingly silly difference could actually make the difference. 

Aside from brand names, the Ram’s specs will be the deciding factor. Even so, the DIY 3D printing accessories make the small Ram truck seem like it’s heading in the right direction.