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As a small truck, the Ford Maverick has found itself to be extremely popular. It comes standard with a hybrid powertrain and a fairly affordable price tag. And that has pushed the Maverick to be one of the hottest vehicles on sale this year. Some buyers don’t seem satisfied with the way their Maverick came from the factory, and that is where vehicle customization comes in. It seems there is nothing that truck owners love more than making their pickup their own, even if it is as small as the Ford Maverick.

Does the Ford Maverick have an aftermarket community?

Although the Ford Maverick is still a new pickup, it has a thriving aftermarket community. Whether you are searching for a lift kit, want to lower your truck, or just want custom accessories, there is likely something out there that will satisfy your needs. 

As a unibody pickup, modding the Maverick is a different experience than modding a traditional, body-on-frame truck. Still, that has not stopped folks from giving the 2022 Ford Maverick things like campers to allow you to comfortably sleep in the bed. 

Should you lift the Ford Maverick?

If you are interested in lifting Ford’s small truck, there are options out there. With a lift kit, you can add beefier tires and get better off-road performance. In fact, Ford is now offering a factory lift for the Maverick. If you purchase a 2023 Ford Maverick with the Tremor package, you will get a 1-inch lift. 

The 2023 Ford Maverick Tremor Off-Road package at work
The Ford Maverick Tremor | Ford

For those who want to lower their compact truck, that is also an option. For the most part, lowered trucks can look pretty cool. And that is certainly the case for the Ford Maverick. Even if a lowering kit removes some capability. 

Is the Maverick a good camping truck?

Buying a pickup truck comes with a number of advantages, especially if you are interested in doing things like camping. Some owners have manufactured their own camper cabs for the Maverick. Now, in the future, Ford might be planning something pretty exciting for its small truck.

According to Gear Patrol, Ford filed a patent that appears to allow the Maverick to have a ventilated bed. A feature like that would really come in handy if you plan to camp in your pickup truck. Although, it’s not quite here yet. 

When can you buy the 2023 Ford Maverick?

If you are interested in buying a Maverick, you might have noticed that you really can’t order one right now. And that is because demand for the 2022 Ford Maverick exceeded supply. That said, order banks for the 2023 Maverick will be opening later this year. And when they do, you should plan to act quickly so you do not miss out on this small pickup. 

A yellow 2022 Ford Maverick drives on an area road.
2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

The 2023 Maverick will likely be fairly similar to the outgoing model. But, Ford is now introducing the Tremor package, which makes this a truck off-road pickup. Rumors are still circulating about a plug-in hybrid model, but that has not been confirmed yet.


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