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Waiting isn’t fun. But unfortunately with the Ford Ranger and other models in the lineup, people are used to waiting for months. Now the 2024 Ford Ranger is suffering as the Ford Bronco is considered to be the top priority. 

The Ford Bronco is causing a 2024 Ford Ranger sales decline 

Drivers have been waiting for months to get behind the wheel of the 2024 Ford Ranger. However, they keep getting faced with new delays and some people don’t even have a production date yet. 

As a result, some Ranger models haven’t reached Ford dealerships yet and sales are on the decline. In 2022, the Ranger sold 57,005 models and in 2023 it only moved 32,334 units, representing a -42.38% change. 

This sales plummet isn’t too surprising as the first half of 2023 was spent winding Ranger production down so the factory in Detroit, Michigan could start building the new generation. The old model went out of production around April 2023. 

The 2024 Ford Ranger off-roading
2024 Ford Ranger | Ford

During the fourth quarter of 2022, the Ranger sold 10,712 trucks and during the fourth quarter of 2023, it only sold 812 units for a decrease of -92.14%. This sales decrease is surprising because new Ranger models should have been flying off the dealership lots. 

However, according to Ford Authority, the Ranger is suffering because the priority is currently being placed on Ford Bronco orders. The Bronco and Ranger are both assembled at the same facility, creating growing pains between the siblings. 

The United Autoworkers strike (UAW) that lasted for six weeks didn’t do the Ranger or Bronco any favors. During this time, the production plants were closed, leading to significant delays for both models. 

Plus, the Ranger was facing supply chain constraints before the strike hit. Perhaps the Bronco isn’t under the same constraints. 

I also predict that the Key bridge collapse in Baltimore will also cause more delays. It’s a massive shipping port for Ford vehicles and supplies. Now Ford is trying to reroute deliveries to other ports, which may take time. 

While supply chain issues and the UAW strike impacted the Ranger, it’s still being pushed back due to the Ford Bronco.