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Sometimes trucks compromise comfort, but that’s nothing new. As trucks become more modern and luxurious, the Ford Ranger may still have some improving to do. As the 2024 Ford Ranger finally hits dealerships, people are a little disappointed by the interior. 

The 2024 Ford Ranger interior spurs complaints 

People are finally getting behind the wheel of the 2024 Ford Ranger only to be slightly disappointed by its interior quality. Some would say that this shouldn’t be surprising as the Ford truck interiors typically fall short. 

However, the Ford Maverick Lariat and Ford F-150 Platinum both had tons of high-quality materials and comfort in recent memory. But the interior of the Ford F-150 Lightning fell short. 

Anyways, according to Cars, the Ranger has an interior quality that lags behind rivals. Other trucks in the class have more intuitive layouts and are nicer. 

The top-spec Lariat trim provides work truck vibes. The leather steering wheel feels a bit rough, some trim pieces weren’t matching up, and the plastic on the center console doesn’t seem very durable. 

The 2024 Ford Ranger interior and dash
2024 Ford Ranger interior | Ford

But oftentimes press members receive early builds or test models instead of the versions that actually go to the public. So, the interior quality may be improved for civilians. 

According to AutoBlog, the 2024 Ranger’s interior isn’t suitably modern compared to the antiquated outgoing model. But it’s good for an affordable truck. 

The hard plastics on lower trim levels are jazzed up with varying textures and colors. Storage bins on lower trims aren’t lined with protective rubber, creating a nickel-and-dime feeling. 

While the interior features modern tech with a standard 10.1-inch touchscreen and an available 12.4-inch unit, they aren’t the most intuitive system. The buttons are tiny and hard to read and you have to remove your gloves to use them. 

Also, the bottom half of the screen shows the same HVAC controls that sit directly under it. The most impressive tech stems from the trailering reverse guidance system. 

The Ranger has more space, a more comfortable ride, and better handling than before. But the refreshed interior isn’t a slam dunk.