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Are you tired of waiting for your new truck? Well, waiting for the Ford Ranger may take a little extra time, so that’s not the best news. 2024 Ford Ranger models are being built, but they aren’t being shipped. 

How long is the wait for a 2024 Ford Ranger?

It might take a little longer than expected to get your 2024 Ford Ranger. At first, dealerships were providing waiting times of over 15 weeks or three and a half months, then it was extended to six months. 

Now some reservation holders could be waiting for up to a year. Some reservation holders got their orders back in September, but still haven’t received a build date. 

The system should provide tracking updates every 45 days, but things are getting wonky. Some reservation holders have received build dates and their vehicle V.I.N numbers, but on the building tractor, their orders can no longer be found. 

Ford has acknowledged that supply chain issues have been hampering production but hasn’t gotten into the specifics. It’s unclear which parts are facing shortages. 

The plot thickens as 2024 Ranger production increases. According to Ford Authority about 2,664 Ranger models were built at the Michigan Assembly plant in January. This is an increase of 2,242 rucks or 558% compared to December. 

The 2024 Ford Ranger off-roading
2024 Ford Ranger

In February, production grew by another 227 models or 8.9%. But there were no Ranger models sold last month. This indicates that the supply of 2023 Ranger models could be depleted and that the new trucks aren’t moving anywhere. 

They could be piling up around the Michigan assembly plant or being kept at other holding lots for two different reasons. 

The models could be incomplete and are waiting for new parts to come in to finish being built. This happened when the F-150 was waiting on semiconductor chips. 

Also, the trucks could have a quality issue. Ford is pushing to improve its quality by performing extensive checks before vehicles are delivered. 

Recently. The F-150 Lightning was held because an issue with the headlights was discovered during quality checks. 

Catching problems before the trucks are delivered can save Ford time and money by preventing recalls from being issued later. This also can save people time and prevent frustration due to not having to return to a local dealership for service. 

However, Ranger reservation holders are becoming frustrated. They have been waiting for months without any answers.