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Taylor Swift has solidified herself as one of the most influential pop stars of all time and a bonafide car lover. However, Taylor Swift’s private jet has caused significant controversy recently. To be clear – – the Anti Hero singer isn’t the only celebrity with this type of airplane. However, she is among the most infamous. So, exactly how much does T Swift use her beloved jet, and how much does it compare with how other rich and famous people use theirs?

Here’s the painful truth about why Taylor Swift’s private jet is leaving teardrops on our guitars.

The numbers behind Taylor Swift’s private jet

Taylor Swift's private jet is controversial
Photo by James Devaney/GC Images

Taylor Swift’s private jet, which is a Dassault Falcon 900, is so controversial because our society wants to move towards more environmentally friendly modes of transportation. However, the consistent use of a private jet goes against that endeavor. This is something most fans wouldn’t expect from the Karma singer. This is especially the case after all the backlash she has received.

According to Newsweek, Taylor Swift’s private jet produces 138 tons of C02 emissions in about three months. Of course, she has been using it quite a bit to travel back and forth to see her NFL boyfriend, Travis Kelce. It has been reported that she also used the private aircraft for her ultra-successful Eras Tour. The singer would need to plant about 2,200 trees to make up for the damage. For comparison, a commercial plane emits only 250 KG of C02 emissions. This figure equals about 0.25 tons per passenger per hour in the sky.

As of August, Taylor used the jet for about 166 hours during the first half of 2023. This is for 166 flights, which equates to close to one per day. However, it is necessary to point out that her use of the private jet is down compared to around the same time in 2022.

She’s not the only celebrity with a private jet

Taylor Swift isn’t the only celebrity who has and frequently uses a private jet. One other notable person with one is billionaire media personality Oprah Winfrey. In fact, The Color Purple producer has owned multiple private jets before the one she has now, which she purchased in 2016. She currently has a Gulfstream G6590.

Tom Cruise is another notable celebrity who has a private jet. The veteran actor has a Gulfstream IV that has some seriously luxurious features. For starters, he has a jacuzzi on board. Apparently, this is one of the best options for people who like this level of private travel. In fact, its long-range capabilities even make it a solid choice for international travel.

Kim Kardashian, who Taylor Swift has Bad Blood with, also owns a private jet. Unfortunately, Kim’s jet reportedly emitted over 4,268.5 tons of C02 emissions in 2022 with her 57 flights that year. Jay-Z is another celebrity and business person with a private jet. According to reports, he took 136 flights in 2022. This activity emitted over 6,981.3 tons of C02.

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