A heavy duty Ram 3500 diesel appears to release visible emissions
Trucks & SUVs

Your Heavy Duty Diesel Truck Will Be the Last to Go

With the rise of hybrid and electric vehicle technology, many speculate that vehicles with gasoline and diesel engines are being phased out. Especially as emissions laws and diesel regulations tighten around the globe, we are bound to see increasing changes. The recent California mandate shows that things in the US are becoming more strict, as …

Classic VW eBulli Microbus | VW
Hybrids & Electrics

Do Electric Cars Produce a lot of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)?

As you tap your fingers on the steering wheel of your electric car, you look around at all the other vehicles shuffling side-by-side in the city traffic you slowly navigate. A discussion on the radio is alluding to the potential carbon emissions of electric vehicles and suddenly you are listening in rapt attention. A heated …