Pagani Utopia: Pagani Understood the Assignment

Pagani has tenure in over-the-top hypercars that capture the imagination and push boundaries. The marque’s latest car, the Utopia, is no different. In a market where automakers are making electronically-assisted, hybridized, split-second-shifting feats of engineering, Pagani went back to the basics. The Pagani Utopia is an artistic take on a high-horsepower V12 hypercar with an optional manual transmission; it’s a sight for sore eyes. 

What is a Pagani Utopia?

The Pagani Utopia is a new hypercar with a 6.0L twin-turbo Mercedes-Benz AMG V12 engine. However, instead of its gas-powered heart joining with an electric drivetrain, the Utopia stops there. It’s like a love letter album of supercar hits, delivered in a new hypercar package. Moreover, it’s not just the defiant lack of electrification; Pagani offers the twin-turbocharged V12 with a traditional 7-speed manual transmission. 

The Pagani Utopia's shifter is nothing short of art.
The gated shifter in the new Pagani Utopia | Pagani

Of course, MotorTrend says customers who don’t prefer the old-school rowable driving experience can opt for an Xtrac seven-speed transmission. Furthermore, Pagani claims the Xtrac unit in the Utopia is an “automated manual” setup. However, you’d have to be really intent on the Xtrac to say no to that exquisite gated shifter. It looks like something a classic explorer would use to chart the stars.  

How much HP does the Utopia have?

With words like “twin-turbo,” “AMG,” and “V12,” you’d expect big horsepower. You’d be right. Car and Driver says the upcoming Utopia produces 852 horsepower and 811 lb-ft of torque from its angry German heart. 

While that’s not quite up to Pininfarina Battista or Hennessey Venom F5 standards, the Pagani demands its steep price tag for a different reason. Specifically, the Utopia is an evolution of the marque’s cultural contribution; it’s rolling, driving art. 

The Pagani Utopia is an elegant latest addition to Pagani's hypercar offerings.
Pagani Utopia | Pagani

How much does the Pagani Utopia cost?

Pagani wants top-dollar for its latest hypercar. The automaker’s marketing director Christopher Pagani says the car will cost around USD 2.5 million. That’s roughly five times what shoppers should spend on a wickedly-fast Ferrari SF90 Stradale. Moreover, Pagani will only produce 99 of the unique vehicles, and most of them are reportedly earmarked for buyers already.

What’s special about Pagani’s latest hypercar?

More than the impressive horsepower and manual transmission, the Utopia is continuity in the automotive art that Pagani produces. For instance, the exterior is true-to-form Pagani; it’s a hypercar that looks like nothing else on the market (aside from other older Paganis). Still, buyers might be even more pleased with the interior; it’s a landscape of aluminum, analog gauges, and warm leather. Further, Car and Driver says the Pagani’s steering wheel was machined from a solid block of aluminum. 

The Pagani Utopia, the newest hypercar from Pagani, is an artistic celebration of old-school supercars.
The Pagani Utopia | Pagani

Clearly, the new hypercar is a labor of love for fans of Pagani’s aesthetics-first approach to car building. Moreover, the Utopia is classic in its own right. The auto industry is a tidal wave of pressure to hybridize and electrify. However, sometimes automakers say, “not quite yet.” 

The Utopia is Pagani’s latest act of defiance and an artistic nod to the supercars and hypercars we love so much. Of course, the newest Pagani is obscenely expensive; it’s meant for the most wealthy of car collectors. Scroll down to the following article to read more about supercars and hypercars!

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