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Buick recently unveiled its new Wildcat electric concept car, and wow, what a machine! Complete with a low-slung performance car shape, the car looks ready to head over to fight Rimacs. However, the Buick Wildcat is side news compared to what the storied American recently announced. Buick will be an all-electric vehicle (EV) company by the year 2030.

Buick's new logo is indicative of its promise to modernize and go all-electric by 2030.
An example of Buick’s new logo | Buick

Is Buick going all-electric? 

Yes, the General Motors (GM) company, Buick, recently announced that it will be going all-electric by 2030. Duncan Aldred, who runs Buick and GMC, said that the company “is committed to an all-electric future by the end of this decade.” It makes sense, given GM’s recent ventures into electrification, like the new all-electric Hummer EV

Why is Buick electrifying?

Electrification is the direction that the automotive industry is taking. Even long-time horsepower holdouts Dodge has announced that they will produce the first all-electric muscle car. It only makes sense that GM and its brands would change with competitors like Stellantis and Ford. 

Ford has already committed to producing EVs, with cars like the Mustang Mach-E currently on sale. In response, GM will likely electrify or hybridize every one of its marques. 

Buick is going all-electric by 2030 and GM is committed with battery packs like this.
An example of the Ultium Battery Platform | Jeff Kowalsky, Getty Images)

Is Buick going to make an EV performance car?

Buick’s latest reveal was the Wildcat, an aggressive EV concept. However, Buick says that every product the company makes going forward will be SUVs. Bad news for car enthusiasts who gazed upon that Wildcat and couldn’t wait to see an all-electric Buick performance car. 

In fact, American manufacturers seem to be abandoning all but the most popular cars in the lineups. GM, for example, is discontinuing the Chevrolet Camaro but retaining the Corvette. 

What is an Electra?

The Buick Electra is going to be the marque’s first all-electric product. However, it isn’t just one vehicle; it is a lineup of EV SUVs. According to Car and Driver, the Electra will likely be an SUV based on the current Cadillac Lyriq platform. Also, the Electra will likely pack single and dual motor options, with a range of over 300 miles. 

The frustrating part for American performance car enthusiasts has to be the announcement that the Wildcat won’t be a product. Instead, Buick will use style inspirations from the concept car to create EV SUVs. Consumers have to wonder if that will work out similarly to the Ford Mustang Mach-E borrowing the styling of the gas-powered S550 Mustang. 

What other companies are going all-electric?

Many companies in the automotive industry are committing to all-electric or mostly-electric lineups. One of GM’s largest competitors, Stellantis, owns many automakers globally and is electrifying them. Stellantis owns Jeep, which is selling its Wrangler 4xe, and Alfa Romeo, which hinted at turning the Mito hatchback into an EV

Furthermore, Volvo announced that it will also go all-electric by 2030. Many major manufacturers are committed to replacing their gas-powered lineups with EVs and hybrids. Buick just joined the movement. 

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