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The 1980s cemented the popularity of the excessive supercar in a time when it should have failed. Today, all eyes rest on the next bringer of unreason and high performance, the hypercar. Lightweight, aerodynamically sound, and hilariously powerful, hypercars like the Bugatti Chiron symbolize the fastest cars in the world. However, for those of you wealthy enough to get one, can you daily drive your hypercar?

What is a hypercar?

Hypercars are the closest road-legal production vehicles to dedicated race cars. According to Forbes, hypercars are generally characterized by low production numbers, high performance, and expensive materials. The result of specialty materials and meticulous construction is a (typically) lightweight, sharp handling, and heavily sought-after attention grabber. Just think of the times you’ve perused automotive publications and first glimpsed a Pagani Zonda or Bugatti Chiron. 

The Pagani Zonda Roadster F is one of the hypercars you could think about driving daily.
2007 Pagani Zonda Roadster F | National Motor Museum, Heritage Images, Getty Images

Can you daily a hypercar?

You can daily drive a hypercar, but you probably shouldn’t. First, daily driving a hypercar requires compromise. From a practicality standpoint, hypercars don’t typically have a lot of storage space. Forget road trips or larger shopping runs. In addition to the lack of storage space keeping you from road tripping, the razor-sharp performance often compromises comfort. 

Also, the low ride height of a performance-focused car doesn’t lend itself to city streets or ill-maintained roads. However, some McLarens and other vehicles have a front-end lift function to clear speed bumps and steep driveways. Still, many hypercars are purpose-built dream machines, and the engineers didn’t design them to drive daily.  

You might want to know if you can daily a high performance hypercar like the Ferrari LaFerrari
Ferrari LaFerrari | Jack Taylor, Getty Images

Hypercars are themselves famous, but very few consumers have the resources to buy, insure, and maintain them. A new generation of hybrid hypercars is challenging performance perceptions, like the Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder. Perhaps a non-traditional hypercar given its massive proportions, the Bugatti Chiron is another staple. In typical hypercar fashion, you’d have to be a millionaire and then some to snag one of these vehicles. 

Should you daily a hypercar?

Unless you design a home, garage, and route around the use of a hypercar, you shouldn’t drive one daily. These ultimate performance cars are often cramped, impractical, and tricky to insure. On the topic of expense, many of these cars cost well over $1,000,000. Furthermore, specially trained technicians typically maintain them, which is also a pricey affair.

Frankly, most customers who can afford these performance pinnacles won’t even think about driving them daily. Instead, a chauffeur will waft them about in a Rolls-Royce or Maybach. That, or they’ll drive a BMW M5 too and from their appointments, only to swap it out for a weekend warrior when the work is done.    

The Bugatti Chiron is one of the hypercars you can daily if you're wild enough.
Bugatti Chiron | Martyn Lucy, Getty Images

What should you buy instead?

Let’s say you are a person of enough means to consider a hypercar, but you simply must drive it daily. You should strike the idea from consideration and consider a grand tourer or high-performance sports car instead.

A grand tourer like an Aston Martin DBS or BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé aims to tackle both commute and road trips in comfort. So, consider a grand tourer if you’re looking for a powerful way to get around every day. 

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