This Overland Camper Is Clearly Apocalypse Ready

Building your own overland camper is something of a trend now. I like to sit around on Craigslist and browse about for cars I can’t afford. Recently, I’ve seen quite a few overland-inspired vans and campers up for sale. People are looking for a way out of major metropolitan areas right now, as they have been for the last year. With COVID cases on the rise yet again, people want to get away and enjoy travel while they can. Evidently, some have taken that logic a lot further than anticipated.

“Modified” is something of an understatement

The exterior of the white, custom-built Isuzu overland rig
$300,000 is a lot of money for a lot of camper | Barry Miller

The listing is titled as “New Custom Overland/Expedition 4X4”, but I think it’s a little bit more than that. This overland camper, if you can even call this Unimog-esque monster that, started life as a box truck. More specifically, it started as a 2018 Isuzu NPR box truck. Since then, the exterior has been, erm, let’s say extensively modified. Let’s start with the obvious. New wheels and a set of knobbly off-road tires were fitted, as well as what I can only assume is the largest lift fitted to an Isuzu, and the most expensive. The air suspension was purportedly $90,000.

Then there’s the bull bar, fitted with some presumably hyper-bright trail lights. Please only use these on the trail, I’m going blind out here on the highway. Evidently, the lights are a bit of a theme, as there’s more up top. I suppose the lights are needed. According to the seller, this overland camper was designed to be able to take a previous owner from Panama to wherever his wealthy self pleased to go.

The inside is a prepper’s dream

The interior of the modified Isuzu overland camper featuring several beds and safes
I’d like to apologize for the image quality | Barry Miller

And that’s just the highlights reel for the outside. The inside is a whole other story. For starters, the overland camper will sleep just about as many as you need, with hammock hooks and beds aplenty. More specifically, it’ll sleep six. And those six people will sleep under more security than the President. Yes, this thing has a security system. There’s a $9,000 camera system that can be controlled via your smartphone, which can also be used via the dashboard screens.

Of course, you’ll have to feed your loved ones during the apocalypse, so a kitchen has been thoughtfully included, complete with giant counters, garbage storage, a stove, and an oven. Of course, there’s absolutely a shower, fed by a 27-gallon water tank for long, luxurious showers. That’s not all the water you’ll have access to either, with two custom tanks holding a total of 148 gallons. Frankly, there’s just too much to list here, so go check out either this YouTube video or the listing.

How much does an overland camper cost?

A sign showing full campgrounds in the wake of Yellowstone's re-opening
Personally, the Isuzu looks better than that thing | George Frey via Getty Images

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Admittedly, I’ve buried the lede here. I’m sure you’re dying to know what this custom off-road bunker costs, gun safes and all. It’ll be $349,000. That’s obviously the no-expense-spared approach, but building an overland camper can be done for a lot less than that. To be on the safe side, expect to pay less than $50,000 for a solid rig. Regardless, this overlander is the end all be all of campers, and I love it for that.