7 Ways Your Tow Hitch Can Be Used for More Than Just Towing

The great thing about accessories is learning to use them in an unorthodox manner. Trailer hitches are a great example of this. Sure, you can use it to tow your belongings, but there are tons of other things you can do with a trailer hitch that will make life so much easier.

Trailer/tow hitch hammocks

A man fixing a tow hitch to a horse trailer
A trailer tow hitch | Kurt Wittman/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Car camping is all the latest rage as you can hop in your car and go without needing to shell out for expensive camping equipment. Additionally, depending on the condition campsite, it costs much less than finding a hotel room if something goes wrong.

When out camping, a trailer hitch hammock takes the hassle out of trying to find two trees to set up your hammock. It also saves you the trouble of setting up a tent if you prefer to sleep in a hammock. 

Bike racks

Riding a bike might not be for everyone, but it’s a fun way to spend time with the family, hang out with friends, or get some exercise on your own. Bringing your bikes along is much easier if you have a trailer hitch, according to U-Haul. Sure, you can toss the bikes in the trunk and then tie the lid down. Yet, that takes up a lot of space and isn’t practical if you want to take your bikes on vacation. Using a trailer hitch to add your bike to the back is the perfect way to go. 


Rear-end collisions are all too common. All it takes is the person behind you taking their eyes off the road for a split second. Now your day is ruined as you wait for the police to come and take the report. Then comes the nightmare of dealing with insurance companies, trying to get your vehicle repaired, and explaining to your boss why you’ll be late to work.

A superbumper can help with this. It’s designed to take the brunt of the damage, so your vehicle doesn’t have to. You obviously can’t use it while you’re towing something, but it’s a convenient way to configure your trailer hitch when it’s otherwise not in use.

Ski carrier tow hitch adapter

Bikes are great, but not in the wintertime. If you live in a chilly area where biking isn’t feasible, then a ski carrier might be exactly what you need.

If you’re more of a hobbyist when skiing and renting your equipment, this is obviously not for you. However, for those who go skiing regularly, it’s a great accessory to have. It’ll save your back from having to shove the equipment on the roof of your vehicle and trying to pull them off when you arrive at your destination.

Picnic table

Boating Magazine highly recommends adding a picnic table to the back of your hitch. This is the perfect accessory for tailgating, impromptu picnics, and that romantic little getaway you’ve been planning for a while that you don’t want your in-laws to crash.

Barbecue grill tow hich extension

What’s a picnic without fresh hamburgers, hot dogs, and steaks. It’s even better with fresh grilled fish. The Party King Grills MVP-5412, shown here on Amazon, is a tow hitch extension accessory gas grill for family cookouts and tailgates that makes this dream possible for you and your loved ones.

Snow plow hitch

If you live in an area with lots of winter weather, waiting for the local authorities to come out and plow your driveway might be a long wait. Additionally, if you live in a rural area, it might not happen at all. That’s where a snowplow comes in.

If you have a front tow hitch, you can add a snowplow to the front, which will allow you to move the snow on your own. It’s especially great for essential workers who have to be at work no matter what the weather looks like.

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