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The Ram 1500 continues to make strides to deliver the pickup enthusiasts precisely what they want in a truck and even turn the heads of a few critics along the way. One feature of the 1500 that shows Ram’s particular attention to detail is the comfortable ride. Even if you aren’t a fan of the Ram trucks, most agree one of the truck’s best attributes is its amazingly smooth rides. So, what does Ram do to ensure the most comfortable ride in its class?

The Ram 1500 continues to rack up accolades

When it comes to truck badges, there are a few at the top of consumer and review lists year after year. For the Ram 1500, it continues to fiercely compete for the top rung, with redesigns, features, and power under the hood.

Among expert reviews, there is one consistent thread of praise that Ram 1500 can take to the bank. Regardless of the various model year hiccups or shortcomings, the Ram 1500 receives recognition for its devotion to luxury and comfortable ride.

Weight contributes to a smooth ride

The half-ton truck class is comprised of large vehicles, often carrying a significant amount of weight. A smooth ride means there is genius engineering at work to reduce the effects of such a heavy and large-statured vehicle.

The Ram 1500 hasn’t gone entirely aluminum like some of the others in its class, but it has been smart about reducing the weight of its pickups. Ram cleverly uses lighter metals where it makes sense, including the transmission cross members and upper control arms.

Suspension design for the smoothest ride

The other major factor contributing to a comfortable and quiet ride is the pickup’s suspension. The Ram 1500 boasts an optional Active-Level Four-Corner Air Suspension system. Each 1500 comes equipped with a unique coil-spring and multi-link rear suspension. This allows for increased control, maneuverability, and you guessed it, the smoothest ride.

Ram doesn’t stop there. In addition to the multi-link suspension, the air springs are adjustable. They can be controlled manually from the driver’s seat, but also offer an automatic adjustment as well.

Imagine your pickup has five settings that will allow the truck to lower the height of the truck on the highway or adjust quietly over rougher terrain. The balance and control not only offers a comfortable ride, but it can be a money saver in fuel efficiency as well.

Focus on suspension is key

Ram introduced the Laramie Longhorn years ago and brought the design focus to luxury and comfort. In its quest to build the smoothest riding pickup, Ram ditched the old leaf springs of yesterday and traded up to the redefined coils and air suspension of today.

It’s been a winning focus for the company as market share has increased for this top-notch truck. Ram recognized early on that a poorly designed or outdated suspension would mean a rougher ride, less control, and ultimately fewer pickup sales.

Ram projected a consumer shift in quality ride and has focused on building the best suspension ever since. This focus has allowed the company to gain ground where many competitors continue to sustain traditional suspension systems.

Ride quality matters

While pickups are often intended for working use, many of today’s consumers aren’t necessarily ‘working’ their trucks like they used to. The fact is, many prefer the amenities of a smooth ride, comfortable seats, and high-end features.

Ram has spent a considerable amount of time designing the pickup that some say, rides like a car. Of course, Ram continues to keep up with the Jones’ in terms of tech, power, and utility. It just knows how important the luxury points and smooth rides matter to today’s truck owners.

If you haven’t driven a Ram 1500 in a while, we recommend you do so. Even if you’re not a Ram enthusiast, you might find yourself giving praise, much like the expert reviewers. The Ram 1500 offers a pleasant behind-the-wheel experience and ride that glosses over any road in front of it.