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Consumer Reports (CR) released its most updated predicted reliability study for 2022. The study surveys actual vehicle owners about their experiences with their new rides. The results, which span more than 17 categories, might sway your buying decision. There are some noteworthy trends to look out for in this latest CR reliability study. If you have Subaru in mind, there’s one particular model worth celebrating. There’s only one Subaru model with reliability that improved year-over-year.

What the Consumer Reports survey reveals about reliability 

If you’re unsure which vehicle model or brand deserves your attention, you can use this study to help you narrow it down. According to Consumer Reports, sedans continue to enjoy the category of most reliable.

Despite consumers trading up for bigger SUVs and pickups, the wholesome sedan, rooted in years of design and production history, tends to be the most reliable. Additionally, since sedans don’t have all those extras, like sliding doors and third-row entertainment, there are fewer amenities to break down or go wrong. 

The CR reliability study suggests electric vehicles are struggling in the reliability department because they’re newer and have more components. Because so many more consumers are driving EVs nowadays, more data is coming in to analyze for predicted reliability. Additionally, hybrids are rated better than PHEVs and EVs.

Pickup trucks are all over the place in terms of reliability. Some models are notorious for ongoing issues, while others earn bragging rights in dependability. Some of the pickups with below-average reliability scores in this study include the Nissan Frontier, Jeep Gladiator, and all the full-sized trucks from GM and Ford.

The one Subaru model with improved reliability

Subaru is a brand synonymous with dependability. However, only one Subaru model’s reliability actually got better. That would be the Subaru Ascent, the automaker’s midsize SUV model.

MotorTrend also endorses the 2023 Subaru Ascent, celebrating its “gutsy turbo engine” and “off-road chops.” This three-row SUV gets updated front and rear styling, and both Apple and Android connectivity platforms come standard.

However, not all automotive outlets are in agreement regarding the Ascent. Car and Driver appreciates the standard all-wheel drive (AWD) and standard safety technology of the ride but took issue with frequent engine noise, a cramped third row, and slow acceleration.

Other models that have improved CR reliability ratings

Subaru isn’t the only automaker with an improved reliability model. The Consumer Reports study recommends a few makes and models worth considering since they have demonstrated improvements in reliability among vehicle owners since last year.

The Volvo S60, Toyota Corolla Hatchback, Nissan Rogue, and Mitsubishi Outlander made this list of improved reliability. The Mini Cooper, Lincoln Corsair, Hyundai Santa Fe, Buick Enclave, and Audi Q3 also improved. Even the Genesis G80 and GV70 both demonstrated improved dependability in this report.

Consumer testimonials can be the greatest asset to your car-buying decision. This latest CR reliability study can be your guide to help you avoid the few poor-performing models and focus on the winners. The Subaru Ascent, despite its price increases, is one that definitely improved and might be worth a test drive as the only Subaru model with reliability that improved year over year.

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