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This is Caviar’s Model Excellence 24K. Caviar “customizes” things like iPhones 12s with its own unique take on gold applique. Now it has Teslas in its sights. True to form it has applied its customizing MO to this Tesla Model S

Caviar “double electroplated technique” gold contrasts against the black

Caviar 24K gold Tesla Model S front 3/4 view
Caviar 24K gold Tesla Model S | Caviar

The Model S grille, bumper trim, side mirror caps, fenders, doors, rear diffuser, trunk lid, wheels, and brake discs received the 24 karat treatment. Caviar uses a “double electroplated technique” combined with the high contrast it creates against the black paint. 

If you remember the Firebird Trans Am “Screaming Chicken” gold-on-black model the Model Excellence 24K follows that lead. Along with all of the gold dipping the Caviar logo is bonked onto the body where Tesla badges used to reside. “First Edition” emblems are seen on the front fenders and trunk lid as well. 

The gobs of gold reminds you of Caviar’s involvement

Caviar 24K gold Tesla Model S rear 3/4 view
Caviar 24K gold Tesla Model S | Caviar

Inside the infotainment surround, dash trim, and steering wheel also get the gold glitz. A Caviar logo is also found in the middle of the steering wheel. If the gobs of gold don’t remind you of Caviar’s involvement then the steering wheel logo seals the deal. 

Caviar is making only 99 of its Model S Model Excellence 24K. Added to a Plaid version of the Model S the total cost is $299,000. Just as a reminder, the MSRP for a Tesla Model S with the Plaid option is $119,990. With the Plaid option, the Tesla has 1,100 hp with 0-60 times in less than two seconds. 

Caviar’s following comes from its limited iPhone 12 editions

Caviar iPhone 12 gold versions
Caviar iPhone 12 gold versions | Caviar

To get a sense of the following that Caviar has it offers two special versions of the iPhone 12. Depending on the storage the model comes from Apple with the Black Titanium prices range from $6,150 to $7,380. For the Gold Titanium model, the price jumps from $6,600 to $7,830.

So these specialty boutique companies demand a premium to breathe on whatever they are selling. That is what Caviar wants to apply to the Tesla Model S. It’s a little over the top but has its appeal. 


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