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Camping is a popular pastime across North America. America’s RV options satisfy nearly every potential need and camping style. However, there are two Hyundai camper models that may never reach the United States. 

A Hyundai camper van: The Staria Lounge Camper

A group of presenters in front of the Hyundai Staria Premium model at the 43rd Bangkok International Motor Show
Hyundai Staria Premium | Vachira Vachira/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Car and Driver calls the Hyundai Staria Lounge Camper an “awesome pop-top camper van.” Hyundai’s Staria Lounge Camper is a Class B camper van built on Hyundai’s 17-foot-long Staria platform. While Hyundai offers neither the Staria van nor the Lounge Camper in the United States, the Staria van is available in Europe, Asia, South Africa, and Australia. 

This Hyundai camper, available in Premium, Wagon, and Van configurations, offers a range of performance and capabilities. It provides seating for up to nine people, a 3.5-liter 268-horsepower gasoline or 2.2-liter 175-hp diesel engine, and an eight-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission. Additionally, Hyundai provides another unique design for the Korean market with the Staria Lounge Camper.

The Hyundai Staria Lounge Camper has a pop-top roof that creates more space than a regular van. Inside, Hyundai fills that space with everything needed for a camping trip, including a mattress, a sink with an onboard water supply, and a refrigerator. The cabin’s passenger seats also fold flat for additional sleeping space. 

A larger Hyundai camper: The Porest

If campervans aren’t your thing, the Hyundai Porest offers more space and comfort. The Hyundai Porest gets its name from combining the name of the truck it’s built on, the Hyundai “Porter,” with “rest.” Similar to the Staria van, Hyundai sells the Porter in several European countries, parts of Asia, South Africa, and Australia. Additionally, like the Staria Lounge Camper, the Porest isn’t available in the United States. 

The Hyundai Porter is a cab and chassis style work truck capable of hauling 1,800 to 2,600 pounds depending on configurations ranging from flat-bed to dump truck to freezer box truck. The Porter features a 131-hp 2.5-liter four-cylinder diesel engine, a manual transmission, and standard safety features such as electronic stability control, hill-start assistance, and ABS that automatically “distributes braking power to each wheel based on the driving conditions.”

Hyundai transformed the Porter’s work-truck crudeness into a luxurious space to spend time in nature. The Hyundai Porest offers everything required for extended glamping trips, including two separate sleeping areas, an optional wet bath with a simple toilet and shower, a kitchen that includes space to prepare meals, a stove, and a refrigerator, and a lounge area complete with a television. 

Other options in the United States

Since you cannot buy the Hyundai Staria Lounge Camper in the USA for the foreseeable future, there are alternatives like a pop-top campervan from Peace Vans built on the Mercedes Metris platform. While the Metris doesn’t offer the same unique styling as the Staria, it is a solid platform to build on. 

If van life doesn’t interest you and the Porest is more your style, there are Class C camper models available from companies like Coachmen. The important thing is to pick a model and style that you are comfortable with and start your adventure sooner rather than later. 


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