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Hyundai has been killing it for years now. But just when we thought maybe Hyundai doesn’t have any more tricks up its sleeve, we see this Hyundai Staria camper van conversion. Between the growing RV segment and the anticipation of the VW ID Buzz camper van, this camper couldn’t have come at a better time. 

Hyundai Staria conversion camper van with all its camper features opened
Vantech Hyundai Staria camper | Vantech

Feast your eyes on the Hyundai Staria conversion camper van

According to New Atlas, the Korean conversion shop Vantech has developed the all-new Raccoon L. This incredibly cool and incredibly small camper van is notable for being one of the world’s first Staria camper vans, but also for a unique layout with an electric pop-up sleeper roof, slide-out deck, and swing-out tailgate microwave. 

The tiny camper van market is really booming. If this Hyundai Staria camper van doesn’t prove it, I don’t know what will. 

Vantech is a fitting outfit to make one of the first Staria conversion camper vans. The guys have been working in the segment for a long time, long before it was the cool automotive trend. Vantech took delivery of its Staria back in May, only weeks after Hyundai announced all the details of the van. It got creative with some wild ideas rather than merely transferring an existing Starex (the Staria predecessor) Raccoon package over to the new van. 

What comes with the Racoon L tiny camper van package

A side view of the Vantech Hyundai Staria camper van conversion
Vantech Hyundai Staria camper conversion | Vantech

The Racoon L package looks simple enough at first glance, but a closer look exposes some really cool design features. For starters, the cabin shows a foldout-sleeper combined with a swiveling driver’s seat. The back row also can completely fold flat to maximize comfort. There is even pushbutton glass tinting in the cabin makes privacy fast and simple to achieve. 

As with all pop-top tiny camper vans, the real show begins when the electronic roof tent is raised. Replacing the old wedge design of many pop-top campers, the Hyundai Staria conversion camper van uses a scissor-lift design, raising the entire roof to full height. A  platform supports a two-person mattress and can fold up during the day to clear more standing room inside the van.

Typically that is anyone really expects or even wants from a pop-top camper. Well, this Hyundai camper offers a little secret; a slide-out sundeck. This incredibly cool deck slides out over the side of the van and is accessed by the zipper opening in the tent. Having an elevated porch feels unnecessary, but the more you sit with it, the cooler of a concept it becomes. 

Do all camper vans have a kitchen? 

Flip out microwave in the Hyundai camper van
Vantech Hyundai Staria camper | Vantech

Most do, and while this Hyundai camper is on the smaller end, it still offers something for cooking. Vantech passed on a central side kitchen in favor of a tailgate galley to save room inside the camper. All you have to do is flip the tailgate open, and you’re met by a large dual-zone fridge/freezer and a cutting-board-topped plumbing unit with sink/shower sprayer and attachable collapsible sink basin. Although there is no stove, the Staria camper does have a flip-out upper console housing a microwave. 

Vantech is really on to something with this Hyundai minivan

Taking this production minivan and making such an incredible camper is quite the revelation. There is no “pretty good for a minivan” qualifiers needed here. This Hyundai conversion camper van might just be one of the best camper vans we’ve seen, period.


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