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Apocalypse builds outrageous six-wheel Jeeps, Ram trucks, and other shenanigans. But now it has gone mostly over the top with its “Super Truck” hewn from a Ram TRX. Well, of course. It wouldn’t have done this with a Tacoma or Ranger, right? No, it had to be maybe the most outrageous production truck today as its canvas. 

While Apocalypse always trends toward the extreme for its Jeep manifestations, it has taken the Super Truck to another level. It’s a startling assemblage of faceted add-ons and blocky forms that completely annihilate any Ram TRX inference. Let’s be honest, other than hogging out the wheel wells for oversize tire travel; it’s all about shock value.

Does the Apocalypse Super Truck power match the exterior?

And while we’d like to describe what’s going on here, we’ll leave evaluations to readers to figure out. We will say that this body armor-like exercise is as much about obscuring the host truck as anything else. But that doesn’t mean nothing else has seen the Apocalypse touch, as it were.

2023 Apocalypse Super Truck Ram TRX with lights on
2023 Apocalypse Super Truck Ram TRX | Apocalypse

Under the domed, lighted, and vented hood is the supercharged TRX 6.2-liter V8. But it is tweaked to 850 hp from the stock 702 hp. Apocalypse is coy about the mods it performs to achieve the extra 150 hp, but we’ll take them at their word. The rest of the drivetrain is standard TRX, which really isn’t standard much at all. That means beefy four-wheel drive by means of an 8HP95 eight-speed automatic transmission. 

Does the Apocalypse Super Truck interior match the exterior?

Black and red 2023 Apocalypse Super Truck Ram TRX interior
2023 Apocalypse Super Truck Ram TRX | Apocalypse

Inside, the general apocalyptic theme is throttled back quite a bit. While mostly stock TRX, there is unique Apocalypse stitching in the seat backs in place of the TRX logos and a unique Apocalypse horn button. The rest is pretty much stock black TRX with red accents and stitching. Yes, we did expect a bit more.

2023 Apocalypse Super Truck Ram TRX hood scoop and vents
2023 Apocalypse Super Truck Ram TRX | Apocalypse

The dragon-like wheel flares shield 40-inch Fury Country Hunter mud-terrain tires hugging 22-inch SoFloJeep wheels. Interestingly, the fenders are so large and open that the 40-inch tall tires look much shorter. And the aggressive fluted, hard-edge, texture-coated massive front “grumper” (grill and bumper) hangs down low, giving the illusion of a not-so-lifted stance. 

How much is the Super Truck?

2023 Apocalypse Super Truck and Ram TRX front views
2023 Apocalypse Super Truck Ram TRX | Apocalypse

But it does feature plenty of lift. The Super Truck is 83 inches tall and 240 inches long. Apocalypse says it can launch from 10-foot high ramps and has done it 50 times to prove it. While a stock TRX offers 8,100 lb towing capacity, the Super Truck ups that to an incredible 15,000 lbs. Nothing is subtle or small with the behemoth pickup. 

Should a Super Truck look like it would look good in your garage or flinging it off-road, the base price is $160,000. And according to its website, it is in stock and ready for you to take home, apocalypse or not. 


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