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What is the Apocalypse Warlord pickup truck? It’s a vehicle with one of the best names we’ve ever heard. Most importantly, it’s a custom-built truck by Apocalypse manufacturing that sold at auction for $275,000. Is this model worth that amount of cash, and is it worthy of its incredible title? Here’s what we know about the pickup truck with the best name ever; the Apocalypse Warlord.

What is the Apocalypse Warlord pickup truck?

The custom Apocalypse Warlord pickup truck which sold at auction for $275K.
Apocalypse Warlord 6×6 | Apocalypse Manufacturing

Originally, the Apocalypse Warlord was a Ram 1500 TRX 6×6. It was custom-built by Apocalypse Manufacturing and given the name Warlord to fit its bold look and feel. However, a Florida-based company owned this specific one, which took things even further. Fortunately, it made the Warlord fit its title even more.

The company cranked the supercharged Hemi V8 to 797 horsepower, the same as a Charger Hellcat Redeye. According to Muscle Cars and Trucks, it stands at 264″ long and 94″ high and wide. Additionally, it features the company’s custom, patented tandem axle technology that evenly distributes every ounce of horsepower to all three axles at all times. Next, the Apocalypse Warlord stands on six 37-inch mud-terrain tires on 20-inch bronze wheels designed by Apocalypse Manufacturing.

The Warlord sold for $275K

best name ever, the Apocalypse Warlord 6x6 pickup truck sold for $275K
Apocalypse Warlord pickup truck | Apocalypse Manufacturing

Before the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction, it had already received offers of $300,000. However, the company ran it through the auction without a reserve, so it didn’t manage to make it up to that price. In reality, compared to the previous offers, the auction winner got away with an absolute bargain at $275,000. You’d be surprised what people are willing to pay for massive, raw power.

While the Apocalypse Warlord is undoubtedly off-road capable, it’s unlikely the owner will use it for that. It isn’t easy to take a truck off-roading after paying as much (and more) as many people pay for a house. The auction took place on January 29, and the winner got away with this one-of-a-kind truck with an even better name.

Best name ever, but that’s not all that’s cool

A custom 6x6 Hellcat-powered pickup truck with the best name ever, Apocalypse Warlord.
Apocalypse Warlord | Apocalypse Manufacturing

We don’t expect to see this expensive model driving off-road, but it is well-equipped. It has full-time six-wheel drive, and there’s a seventh spare tire in the pickup truck’s bed just in case one fails. In addition, the Apocalypse Warlord has four high output KC LED spotlights, a LINE-X coated 9′ bed, and a Dana 60 rear axle with lockers. Finally, it uses four off-road traction modes and custom off-road creation mode capabilities, plus a suspension system with six active and electric Bilstein shocks.

As for capability, the Apocalypse Warlord can tow up to 12,000 pounds. While we don’t expect to be off-roading any time soon, we hope the owner uses it for its capability. It would be a shame to sit a truck in the garage its entire life that can pull anything and drive anywhere. Not to mention, it’ll do it all quickly.

Apocalypse Warlord pickup truck sold for $275K

In conclusion, Apocalypse Manufacturing made a custom truck titled the Warlord. A Florida-based company then upgraded it even more to use Hellcat Redeye power. That company then took it to the Barrett-Jackson auction and sold it for $275,000. However, it received offers of at least $300,000 before the auction, so the new owner made out well. This beast of an off-road pickup truck has one of the best names ever and all the power to match. That’s how the Apocalypse Warlord pickup truck sold for $275K.