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What in the name of Mad Max do we have here? I guess I shouldn’t ask a question to which I already know the answer. This post-apocalyptic project truck is called by its creator a Tactical Assault Concept vehicle. It was built in Hawaii and is now for sale. 

Assault vehicle project truck
Tactical Assault Concept Vehicle | Turboraven1

What is this Tactical Assault Concept project truck? 

Tactical Assault Concept Vehicle front grill
Tactical Assault Concept Vehicle project | TurboRaven1

According to our friends at Silodrome, this unusual concept was built in Hawaii on the rolling chassis of an ‘07 Chevy Silverado 3500 Duramax Dually. This modern-day Dr. Frankenstein then built a steel body frame that bolted to the original body mounting points. The actual bodywork was made from ⅛” steel. 

The truck’s immense weight is controlled by a four-link front and rear suspension rebuilt with Baja trophy truck trailing arms on the bottom at each corner with 2″ DOM arms on top, monster truck sway bars, Radflo 2.5″ remote reservoir shock absorbers, and an AiRock adjustable air ride system.

Given the massive weight, the brake also got a serious upgrade to a Brembo 6-piston system from a Porsche Cayenne GTS. The original 6.6-liter Duramax LBZ remains the chosen powerplant, paired with an Allison 1000 6-speed transmission.

Inside the monstrosity is room for seating five people. There are two bucket seats up front and a three-person bench in the back. It also has four gullwing doors. The headlights came from a 2018 Camaro, and the taillights are described as being “Lamborghini-style.” 

Last but not least, the TACV rolls on Four Michelin XZL tires measuring 54″ tall x 26″ wide on 21″ x 21″ on three-piece wheels, attached to Axletech 4000 series axles front and back.

Can you buy a tactical assault concept vehicle as a civilian? 

Tactical Assault Concept Vehicle interior
Tactical Assault Concept Vehicle interior | Turboraven1

You sure can, for the small tune of $65,000. A potential snag worth noting, the truck is in Hawaii, where it was built. The owner says shipping the truck to the mainland will likely cost around $3,000. 

The shipping fee isn’t the only money you’ll have to spend on this roving dreadnought. This post-apocalyptic project truck still needs some work. Silodrome says that the seller is selling this beefcake with some jobs that still need doing. 

The items left to finish the truck include:

“Install suspension travel sensors and sync air ride system. Synchronize door actuators. Plumb and charge ac system. Complete sway bar links. Install hood hinges. Have the front driveshaft extended to fit. Minor wiring completion.” 

You can check out the listing here on eBay.