Ford Will Sell You An Armored Apocalypse Ranger

Far be it from MotorBiscuit to deny the apocalypse is coming. Signs of it are everywhere or so we’re told. So your pals here have a vehicle that is right up your alley if you’re thinking the end might be near. Ford will sell you an armored apocalypse Ranger. If flash fires, zombie assaults, or random gunfire are your fears, there’s no reason to stay walled up. Now you need not be afraid to take that sprint to the liquor store for more beer. 

There is an entire range of unique Rangers you can purchase

Ford Ranger light assault vehicles | Ford

In conjunction with Ford’s Global Fleet Sales, there is an entire range of unique Rangers you can purchase. We’re featuring this Ranger Armored Assault Vehicle as the most relevant for the times. Ford even chimes in with the vibe hyping that the Ranger is just the ticket for the mountains of Afghanistan, the deserts of Africa, or the jungles of Southeast Asia. Plus, of course, when the end is nigh. It sort of gives “Made Ford Tough” a whole new meaning. 

With the 3.2-liter diesel engine, you won’t be able to outrun your predators, but with how the Ranger is equipped you have options. Besides the bulletproof glass and body armor, there is the reinforced floor that can withstand two hand grenades exploding at once. The forced ventilation system will keep the bad guys from smoking you out. 

There are several hidden gun ports

Ford Ranger Assault Vehicles | Ford

But things get more serious. With the armored command center where the pickup bed once was there are several hidden gun ports. A complete gun rack is also incorporated inside, and a rear gunner compartment keeps the hoards in the rearview mirrors. 

If the Armored Assault Vehicle is a bit of overkill there are milder variations. Ford has a Ranger Light Tactical Vehicle. There’s no armor or command center but instead, it is configured more like a troop carrier. There is also a line of Everest armored SUVs based on Rangers. These are mostly unavailable in the US but instead for Banana Republics and third-world dictatorships needing an overthrow.

Regional truck body manufacturers need to worry

Ranger Assault Vehicle | Ford

Jeep Makes An Armored Grand Cherokee

This is all in an attempt to horn in on the typical regional truck body manufacturers. Just as the manufacturers have tried to capture a fair share of the aftermarket there are plenty of other conquests out there. It makes sense since an auto manufacturer is perfectly capable of producing anything that is made outside of its purview. 

These niche categories that Ford is eyeing can now provide a wide variety of needs with a full factory warranty. So there’s no fear of voiding that with a kludged together body hack hung on the back of your truck. Before you get visions of roaming your neighborhood with an armored Ranger check with your local dealer for the availability of these special Ford trucks.