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As it stands, the only trucks offered in the United States by Nissan are the Frontier and the Titan. With the Titan full-size truck reportedly on the chopping block, Nissan could soon be a one-truck brand. But apparently, the Japanese automaker might have plans for an electric pickup. 

Is Nissan making an electric truck?

As the electric truck segment heats up, Nissan may soon be a player. Tyler Slade, the chairman of the Nissan Dealer Advisory Board, recently revealed that Nissan dealers are interested in getting a midsize EV truck on their lots. Something similar to the gasoline-powered Nissan Frontier. 

A concept of what a Nissan small electric truck could look like.
Nissan Surf-Out concept | Nissan

Now, that does not mean that Nissan is for sure going to produce an electric truck. But, it is yet another hint at what the brand has planned. Small pickups like the Ford Maverick have proved fairly popular with consumers. And after the Frontier got some renewed interest from the public with a full redesign, it seems like building a smaller truck could be a hit. 

On the market today, the only electric trucks are full-size variants. There are no options for folks who might want something compact or midsize. If Nissan dropped a small electric truck, it could be taking advantage of a wide-open market. 

More electric trucks are coming

As more and more pickup trucks offer hybrid engines, we are also seeing more with fully-electric powertrains. The Blue Oval is the first mainstream manufacturer to enter the market with the Ford F-150 Lightning. And Chevy and Ram also have electric trucks in the works. 

A Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck tows a trailer.
Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

It probably won’t be long before those brands start eyeing the small electric truck segment, that is, if they haven’t already. According to Car and Driver, Nissan has not confirmed plans for a small electric truck. But the brand has certainly been teasing some concepts. 

An electric truck concept from the Nissan brand.
Nissan electric truck | Nissan

Last year, we saw the Surf-Out concept. And while that truck is just a concept, it could be an indication of what Nissan wants its new pickup truck to be like. Nissan does have plans to release 15 new EV models by 2030. And it’s entirely possible that an electric truck could be in the cards. 

How many trucks does Nissan sell?

Nissan sells two trucks in the United States. Those pickups are the Nissan Frontier and the Nissan Titan. But the brand does have plans to kill off the Titan in the near future. Simply put, when you compare Nissan’s full-size truck sales to its rivals, the Titan does not do all that well. 

On the other hand, the redesigned Nissan Frontier brought some new life into this midsize truck. It now gets a standard V6 and just feels like a more modern vehicle overall. 

While this brand has yet to confirm if an electric truck is coming, the signs seem to point in that direction. Especially as consumers begin to embrace EV technology on a larger scale. Car companies can usually be pretty secretive when it comes to what is being developed. So we’ll just have to wait for more news to break.

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