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The EV movement is picking up quickly. Sure, we have had plenty of options for years, but very few of them have ever been cool. Not “cool for an EV,” but actually just cool. The news from Alpha Motors about the new Ace and Jax EV crossover utility vehicles perfectly fills in the cool factor for these little EVs. The new adventure-ready kits for these EVs turn from them Earth-friendly eco machines to trail-eating rally cars that look so good we can barely stand it. 

Adventure Series Alpha Jax and Ace loaded with rad accessories
The Alpha Ace and Jax | Alpha

Who makes the coolest EVs?

I would have said Rivian last week, but now with the new adventure kits for the Alpha Motors Ace and Jax, I’d say the Rivian got bumped down a touch. I don’t mean that to be a knock against Rivian; it is more to say that these upcoming models from Alpha Motors are just so cool that I’d hate to be competing against them. 

These off-road EV kits focus on lighting and wheels. While that may seem a little shallow, these upgrades transform these little cars into something so good-looking that the rest hardly matters. To make matters even vainer, the last step in the “Adventure Series” includes some incredible paint schemes. 

What is included in the Alpha Motors Adventure Series? 

The Alpha Ace in tan is one of the prettiest EVs we have ever seen
Alpha Ace Adventure Series | Alpha

Let’s start with the paint. According to CarScoops, the official color of the Adventure Series is inspired by the dunes of Peru. This lovely cream/tan is called “Cerro Blanco,” and it looks like a million bucks. 

A second dark green color is called “Lida,” in honor of Lida street in Pasadena, CA. Alpha hasn’t mentioned the significance of this street. 

Aside from some pretty paint, the Ace and Jax get some rad lighting upgrades from KC. The main headlights were replaced by KC Gravity LEDs. Auxiliary lights consist of “Flex Era 4” lights with Cree LED tech or “Gravity LED Pro6s,” that claim to use unique industry-leading technology and reflector design for powerful, usable light.

The little Alpha Motors cars are big-foot stomping in Adventure mode

The Aplha Jax finnished in Lida Green with knobby tires and a roof rack is too cool.
Alpha Jax Adventure Series | Alpha

The next and most functional part of the Adventure Series are the new off-road wheels and tires. The Adventure Series models feature off-road performance wheels from KMC. The Ace features the KM545 Trek, a modern mesh wheel built for durability, while the Jax features the KM718 Summit beadlock wheel.

When does the Alpha Ace and Jax come out? 

The Jax and Ace paired together
The Alpha Ace and Jax | Alpha

Even though Alpha plans to debut the Ace and Jax in 2023, they still want to show off the Adventure Series. This is actually super smart to drum up excitement, not only for the Alphas but for EVs, in general. 

One of the biggest hurdles for EVs is getting automotive enthusiasts interested in them as cool cars. Sure, Tesla has made its way into mainstream popularity, but the gear heads are still largely unmoved. These Alphas are a great step toward giving EVs some soul. Everything is so forward-facing that a little retro flair from Alpha might be the key to unlocking real love from the car nerds. 

We need more knobby tires, roof racks, flared wheel wells, auxiliary lights, and rooflines that don’t look like a personal grooming device. The Alpha Ace and Alpha Jax, along with the Adventure Series kits, bring real heart to the space, which is desperately needed. 


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