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There’s a new Nissan truck on the way, and it’s literally a little shocking. You may expect the Nissan Frontier EV or a full-size truck to come along, especially since the Nissan Titan is discontinued. However, the electric Nissan truck is going after the Ford Maverick instead. 

The electric Nissan truck will be compact and affordable 

The Nissan Surf-Out Concept driving on the beach
Nissan Surf-Out Concept | Nissan

We might see a new electric Nissan truck in North America soon. It will be a compact, affordable option that starts under $40,000. This move will help Nissan maintain its place in the pickup truck market as it pulls the Titan. 

Nissan hopes to stay relevant while expanding its electric portfolio. However, Nissan believes that the demand for larger electric trucks won’t grow until towing needs can be met and range improves. 

That takes the electric Titan off the table for now. Also, crafting the Nissan Frontier EV would include a few complicated challenges. For example, the Frontier rides on a platform that would require a lot of modifications to even support hybrid power. 

The Frontier has a body-on-frame build and a traverse-mounted engine that would require a lot of investment to electrify. It doesn’t seem like the right time to make significant changes to the Frontier, especially since the current generation is only two years old. 

That’s why crafting a smaller lifestyle truck could be the smarter decision. Future electric options are being studied, but the focus is mostly on something to slot below the Frontier at the moment. 

What to expect with the Nissan EV truck 

The electric Nissan truck could be a compact option to battle the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz. Both of these trucks are getting more popular, and Hyundai is even increasing Santa Cruz production to meet demand. 

However, both of these trucks fail to offer a fully electric powertrain and a PHEV option. The Santa Cruz isn’t even hybrid. 

But rumors suggest that a mid-size Ram PHEV model is in the works, and Toyota just dropped a new EPU concept. It’s a compact electric truck that could get the green light soon. So, a tiny Nissan truck EV would help the automaker stay competitive in a growing truck segment. 

The truck is expected to be a unibody option with some rugged characteristics to try and dominate the market like the Nissan Hardbody once did. As production of the Titan ends in the Canton, Mississippi plant, the EV truck could take over. 

We saw the Nissan Surf-Out concept back in 2021 with AWD power and a unique personality. It could be production-ready by 2025, giving it plenty of time to challenge new EV truck rivals. 

What do we know about the Nissan Surf-Out? 

An overview of the Nissan Surf-Out Concept
Nissan Surf-Out Concept | Nissan

The Nissan Surf-Out concept shows how the brand could craft a new electric truck on a dedicated electric platform. It could share a platform with electric SUVs like the Nissan Ariya and next-generation Leaf. 

This would allow Nissan to focus on electric SUVs while maintaining a bigger presence in the truck segment. Rumors suggest that it will offer a dual-motor setup, like the Ariya. 

It provides up to 389 hp and 442 lb-ft of torque, which would be more than enough power for a compact truck. It also has an estimated 304 miles of electric range, which is average. That would make it more efficient than the Ford Maverick, though. 

We know that larger electric trucks are on pause for Nissan as it considers a smaller option. Stay tuned for updates, and in the meantime, do you think a compact EV truck is the right move for Nissan?