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We have good news for Nissan truck fans. The mid-size Nissan Frontier is sticking around despite not being as popular as its rivals. After the Nissan Titan was officially discontinued, the future of the Frontier felt uncertain. However, we will have the same old Nissan Frontier for a few more years. 

The current Nissan Frontier generation is extended

The 2023 Nissan Frontier off-roading in sand
2023 Nissan Frontier | Nissan

The 2023 Nissan Frontier is part of the third generation that launched in 2022. It debuted with potent engine power, a new exterior style, revamped interior, and modern tech. It would get a mid-cycle refresh in 2027, which may have been pushed back until 2029. 

This is good news and bad news. The good news is that this truck will stick around in Canton, Mississippi. The bad news is that this truck already feels dated. The tech is basic, with blurry graphics and weak camera resolutions. 

While the stout engine power and modern interior provide a fresh feeling, the tech is years behind. It’s difficult to imagine this truck without significant mid-cycle updates until 2029. 

Reportedly, the Frontier extension is to accommodate remodeling the factory in Canton, Mississippi, to build electric vehicles. So, we might not see tech or quality enhancements until the Frontier EV arrives. 

We waited 17 years for the last Frontier to be redesigned, so at least the wait is shorter this time around. However, the 2023 Frontier feels like it started from behind. 

When is the Frontier EV coming out? 

We might see the Nissan Frontier EV arrive in 2029. Reportedly, it could replace the gas-powered models. Rumors suggest that Nissan doesn’t want to focus on a product launch while managing a boost in EV production. 

So, the Canton factory could be retrofitted for EV production before the electric Frontier is launched. Nissan has already invested millions in the Mississippi plant for electric vehicles. But Nissan is behind EV rivals. 

Nissan currently only sells two electric SUVs, including the Ariya and Leaf. It plans to roll out more electric vehicles over the next few years with a goal of 15 EVs by 2030. 

A new electric Nissan SUV is expected to launch in 2027, and two electric Infiniti vehicles may arrive by 2026. The Frontier EV could arrive after these new cars and SUVs. However, it could also be replaced by a new compact electric truck

If the electric Frontier does happen, it’s expected to be a more affordable option than the Rivian R1T or Ford F-150 Lightning. It could start around $40,000. 

Is the Frontier being replaced by a new compact truck? 

The Nissan Surf-Out concept driving on a track
Nissan Surf-Out EV concept | Nissan

The Nissan Frontier will stick around until 2029. After that, its future is uncertain. It could be discontinued or go electric. But perhaps gas-powered variants will still be available. However, it might be replaced by a compact electric truck instead. 

Earlier in the year, we saw the Nissan Surf-Out concept, which is a tiny electric truck with a futuristic style. Tyler Slade, Chairman of the Nissan Dealer Advisory Board, shared that the desire for a mid-size electric truck exists. 

But he also said it’s logical to build an EV truck that’s similar to the Frontier. Plus, Nissan has been studying a truck to slot below the Frontier that may or may not be electric. The Surf-Out could be a hybrid or gas-powered option. 

Stay tuned as we continue tracking Nissan for truck updates. We might see two new trucks or significant changes to the Frontier. Either way, it has to hold on for a few more years without major upgrades.