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Today, Kia unveiled two new electric concepts, the EV3 and EV4, as well as the production version of the EV5. What’s significant is that each of these EVs joins the EV9 flagship and EV6 to offer a full line of Kia EV SUVs for every price and budget. And that is a somewhat kick in the teeth to GM, which is heavily relying on massive and expensive EVs like the GMC Hummer and Silverado EV, which so few can afford.

Kia wants to win the EV race with variety and volume, while GM plans its win on lower production but higher prices. There is an argument for both. But Kia’s gives us more to show and spreads the word through many different customers by satisfying their needs and pocketbooks.

What kind of range and performance will the Kia EV5 have?

Kia EV5 production version with sky background
Kia EV5 production version | Kia

All of the EVs Kia has, including the concepts, follow a similar design theme coming from the EV9. Proportions and details account for most of the differences. That is what we have with the EV5, which Kia says should sell for between the low to high $40,000s. 

Range and performance come in three flavors: Standard, Long Range, and Long Range AWD. Power for the Standard is from a 64 kWh battery. Moving up to the Long Range, that number jumps to 84 kWh. The range varies from around 310 miles for the Standard, around 425 miles for the Long Range, and just under 400 miles for the AWD version. 

How close is the Kia EV5 to the concept?

Kia EV5 production version | Kia
Kia EV5 production version | Kia

Charging times run around 27 minutes for a 30% to 80% charge. In comparison, charging times are only 18 minutes for 10% to 80% for the EV6. Both use Kia’s E-GMP electric platform. 

Design-wise, the Kia EV starts with the “Signature Star Map Lighting,” featuring a sprinkling of star-like LED lights. All four corners of the body are emphasized, with muscular features spreading out at the beltline. The wheel arches also get some emphasis with unique plastic surrounds. 

Both the front and rear ends in the profile are very upright without the slightest amount of lean in or out. The rear also takes on a similar look to the EV9, but without the extra light strand running up the C-pillar. But the main thing is how little it deviates from the concept, which we applaud.

When will it be available in the U.S.?

Five new Kia EV SUVs fanned out on pavement
Five new Kia EV SUVs | Kia

Kia Reveals 3 All-New EVs to Join EV6 and EV9

Inside, though not as spacey as the concept, it still features a continuous transition of the exterior. That means clean and simple surfaces without a lot of stitching or detail. And the low, widescreen takes up over half of the dash without standing up like a traffic sign. 

So, is the EV5 coming to the U.S.? That depends on who you ask. When Motor1 asked CEO Ho-Sung Song the question, it was a “yes.” But later, Kia America execs were hedging. They said they’re “considering” bringing it here. And if Kia does, it won’t be made in North America. That means no tax credits. 

So, there is still a way to go until we see how the South Korean automaker arranges its cards. And there is the question of where the Niro fits into the plans.