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Kia isn’t letting down in its quest to offer EVs for every budget. After revealing its flagship EV9 SUV and EV6 midsize crossover earlier, it debuts three new electric vehicle concepts that now offer a range from compact SUV to a Stinger-like sedan/SUV mashup. To us, the most significant of the three is the EV3 compact. And the reason is that many more buyers want an inexpensive EV rather than a GMC Hummer or Ford F-150 Lightning.  

How much will the Kia EV3 cost?

Kia EV3 concept in front of building
Kia EV3 concept | Kia

And with the EV3 in mind, Kia is also announcing that a smaller EV2 is on the horizon for under $30,000. Kia’s goal is one million EVs sold by 2026, according to InsideEVs. So it is ramping up variants and production rapidly, thus the trio shown here. 

Kia EV3 concept seating in cabin
Kia EV3 concept | Kia

Visually, the EV3 is a shrunken EV9/EV7 featuring many design cues from both. Its chunky proportions give it a better overall look, but it is rather small. And it offers a couple of interesting features worth noting. 

Kia EV3 concept in front of building
Kia EV3 concept | Kia

First is the ability to both store and charge something like an e-bike. With the rear seat in the up position, an e-bike plops in and gets charged in the process. The other is the center console made from mushroom roots. “Using Mycelium enables us to mimic the processes we see in nature and leverage it to design more sustainable solutions,” said Kia’s head of Color, Materials, and Finish Marília Biill.

Is the Kia EV4 the Stinger electric replacement?

Kia EV4 concept in front of building
Kia EV4 concept | Kia

The EV4 design is a bit hard to generalize. It is much like an SUV but with about six inches sliced out of the middle of the body. Some might call it a lifted sedan or even the next-gen Stinger. And Kia is even playing up that similarity, saying it is a “driver’s car,” just like the Stinger. 

Kia EV4 concept dash and screen
Kia EV4 concept | Kia

And having a sloping hatchback aligns it to the Stinger some more. Again, it takes its design cues and even some details from the EV9 and EV5. But unlike those two, the front hood slopes down to make it more car-like, without the typical SUV’s tall and upright front ends. 

How much is the Kia EV5?

Kia EV5 in studio shot
Kia EV5 production version | Kia

A production version of the 2025 EV5 was also shown today. Its design runs very close to the concept, which we hope is also true for the EV4 and EV3. GM could take a page from Kia in that regard.

Price-wise, it looks like it will run from the low to high $40,000s. The probability of the EV5 coming to the U.S. is high but not exactly nailed down yet. But we think it offers a broader range of electrification for every budget, much like what was the foundation for the giants Ford and GM. And what’s good enough for them…

Kia EV5 production version with sky background
Kia EV5 production version | Kia

It will come in both a front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions, depending on whether customers order it with a single or dual motor. There is too much else to tell you about, so we’ll leave the details for this EV5 post.

In all, Kia is doubling down with a nice range of electric SUVs, something we’ve not seen from the big players like GM. Going this route offers American buyers a choice of SUVs and an SUV for everyone’s pocketbook. Right now, Kia is hitting on all cylinders. 


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