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It seems like almost every day you hear about Kia and Hyundai thefts. That’s because it happens a lot. But in 2023, as in 2022, neither of those brands’ models are even in the top five most stolen cars. That ignominious title goes to the Dodge Charger. 

We hear a lot about Kia and Hyundai thefts because they lack engine immobilizers. Once the word was out, courtesy of the Kia Boyz and social media, the great Korean car theft zeitgeist began. But the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat sees the most thefts, according to Automotive News.

How bad are the Dodge Charger thefts?

2023 Dodge Challenger Charger parked together
2023 Dodge Challenger and Charger | Stellantis

It bases its ratings on how many thefts per 1,000 of any given vehicle. Joining the SRT Hellcat is the Charger Hemi. Automotive News says the “Charger Hemi is more than 20 times as likely to be stolen compared with the average vehicle.” And the SRT Hellcat tops that, being 60 times more likely than any 2020 to 2022 car. 

The study comes from the Highway Loss Data Institute. Its data shows that Charger thefts are not only continuing, they’re actually on the rise. “If you own a Hellcat, you better check your driveway,” says Matt Moore, Highway Loss Data Institute senior vice president. “These numbers are unbelievable.”

Are any Kias on the “most stolen” list?

2023 Infinity Q50 rear 3/4 view
2023 Infiniti Q50 | Infiniti

Indeed. And as we said, the next three spots are Hyundai-less and Kia-less. After the Charger Hemi, there is the Infiniti Q50 in third, then the Dodge Challenger and Land Rover Range Rover. Why thieves steal the Q50 so much “remains a mystery,” says Moore. 

The only South Korean vehicle in the top 10 is the Kia Sportage at six, though that’s for the two-wheel drive version. The four-wheel drive Sportage comes in at eighth. Two Kias, the Rio and Forte, made the top 20, so any way you look at it, Hyundai and Kia still have a theft problem. 

Which cars are least likely to be stolen?

White 2023 Tesla Model 3 on black background
2023 Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

But there is a Yin and Yang to everything. The vehicles on the least likely list include six EVs in the top 20. Dual motor Tesla Model 3 and Model Y EVs come in one and two, having the lowest claims. Next is the Volvo XC90, GMC Acadia, and another Tesla, the Model X. 

The study finds that the reason for the low theft rates for EVs is because they’re charging overnight. So they’re either in a garage or a well-lit area at night when most thefts occur. Automotive News notes that no GM product is on the “most likely” list. That can be taken as either because they have better theft deterrents or they’re less desirable to steal. You can decide which one answers why.


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