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Toyota is legendary for its exceptional reliability. When getting behind the wheel of a vehicle from the Japanese automaker, one can have the peace of mind that it will likely last for many miles. This is shown by the Toyota C-HR subcompact SUV. It’s the most reliable SUV, according to a study from J.D. Power. Unfortunately, the Toyota C-HR was just killed for the American market. It’s now only available as a used model in the United States.

Toyota C-HR is the most reliable SUV

Nightshade Edition for red 2022 Toyota C-HR, J.D. Power most reliable SUV, was just killed
2022 Toyota C-HR | Toyota

Automotive shoppers have many factors to consider when getting an SUV. And one of the most crucial is reliability. A dependable SUV has fewer problems, which translates to lower repair costs. There are also benefits for optimal safety and performance. A reliable model will also likely last longer. Plus, you can have the reassurance that you can always reach your destination — without the vehicle breaking down.

And for SUV reliability, the top choice is the Toyota C-HR. J.D. Power named it the most reliable SUV in the 2023 Vehicle Dependability Study. It tied with the Lexus RX luxury SUV. Also, both of these models are the best for dependability for all model types. Additionally, the CR-V earned top honors for the small SUV segment.

C-HR had minimal problems in the 2023 Vehicle Dependability Study

Interior of 2022 Toyota C-HR, J.D. Power most reliable SUV, was just discontinued
2022 Toyota C-HR | Toyota

Both consumers and critics alike pay close attention to reliability analysis from J.D. Power, for it’s a highly trusted authority with decades of experience evaluating vehicles. Earlier this year, the data analytics company revealed its 2023 Vehicle Dependability Study. 

J.D. Power received thousands of surveys from vehicle owners during the previous 12 months. Owners identified various problem areas, including the powertrain, driving experience, exterior, interior, seats, driving assistance, climate system, displays, features, and controls.

Since the Toyota C-HR had minimal problems in the 2023 Vehicle Dependability Study, J.D. Power named it the most reliable SUV. It tied with the Lexus RX for the least number of issues, so they share the top honor for SUV dependability.

Also, other Toyota models did well in the Vehicle Dependability Study. This includes first-place finishes in vehicle segments for the Sienna minivan, the Tacoma midsize truck, and the Highlander midsize SUV. Additionally, the Corolla placed second for the compact car segment, while the 4Runner earned the 3rd spot for midsize SUVs.

Toyota killed the C-HR in America


Why Are Toyota Cars so Reliable?

The honor of earning the most reliable SUV award is bittersweet for the Toyota C-HR. While the subcompact will still live on for international markets, Toyota discontinued it in the U.S. For the most reliable SUV, 2022 was the last year of production for America.

Toyota has achieved great success for its SUV lineup, including the RAV4, Highlander, 4Runner, and Sequoia — and more recently, the Corolla Cross. However, the C-HR is an odd fit. It has a quirky design. Also, unlike most SUVs, it doesn’t offer a traction-enhancing all-wheel drive system.

The Japanese automaker built the C-HR to appeal to young drivers, but it never caught on in America. The sales totals were low. Also, with the debut of the similarly-sized Corolla Cross subcompact for the 2022 model year, Toyota already has a replacement. As a result, the automaker killed the dependable SUV. 

However, the Toyota C-HR is still available as a used model. And as the most reliable SUV, according to the 2023 J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study, it will likely still be on the road for many years to come.